Lindsie Chrisley Discusses How Her Parents Are Spending Their Final Weeks Before Entering Prison

Lindsie Chrisley Discusses How Her Parents Are Spending Their Final Weeks Before Entering Prison

Published on December 20, 2022 01:48 AM by Anthony Christian

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Todd and Julie Chrisley, the parents of Lindsie Chrisley, maintain optimism despite difficult circumstances.

After Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, were found guilty in June of many financial offenses, a federal judge sentenced them this month. Julie was given seven years in prison and 16 months of probation while Todd received 12 years in prison and 16 months of probation. On January 17, they must report to the Florida prison where they are being held.

The long-term couple has continued to assert their innocence and has even filed an appeal in their case. However, they must continue to serve their time behind bars during the appeal.

Lindsie, 33, exclusively reveals to news sources that her parents are making the most of their remaining days as the start of their individual prison terms draws near.

The co-host of Coffee Convos reveals, "My parents frequently remark, and I believe they've expressed on their podcast as well, that at this time it's basically living every day like it's your last, taking it in, and spending time with their kids who are in Nashville.

"I'm phoning my parents naturally since I share custody [with my ex-husband William Campbell]. Therefore, the entire Chrisley family has experienced hardship at this period, not just Todd and Julie. According to Lindsie, her family is still "adapting to what is now our new normal" as a result.

Dealing with heightened public scrutiny is one aspect of the new normal.

Particularly for Lindsie, the host of the Southern Tea podcast, who gave testimony in court on her parents' behalf, this accusation of having "some form of role" in her parents' federal case has been refuted by her.

Lindsie was also charged with taking joy in her parents' sentences. After a trying day in court, she posted a video of her pals coming together to cheer her on and drown their sorrows in a few glasses of champagne.

The Chrisley Knows Best alum referred to such claims as "outlandish" and said it was a festive event.

"My ladies were waiting with champagne when I arrived home after their sentencing, as we always do. There was nothing unusual about this for us "She adduces. "The preferred beverage is champagne, not a festive beverage. There was absolutely no cause to rejoice. destruction as opposed to joy."

"It's been quite difficult trying to maintain some kind of normalcy while adjusting to your new normal," she says.

"We as a society, in my opinion, are presently only concerned with family. At the end, she says, "We won't go too far from that, promise.  "The family is the main subject. Holidays are in effect. They come close quickly. My priorities are my child, my niece, my siblings, my parents, and myself. And I'm confident that they would respond the same way if asked the same questions."

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