Suri Cruise's Life Is Reportedly Uninvolved With Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise's Life Is Reportedly Uninvolved With Tom Cruise

Updated on March 23, 2023 15:01 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Suri Cruise has revealed that Tom Cruise does not play an active role in her life. Tom hasn't seen Suri for a long time and isn't involved in her life. In 2012, Suri was six years old when Katie and Tom divorced. Tom and Katie separated when Suri was six. 

There has been much speculation about Tom and his youngest daughter's relationship since they were last photographed together at Disneyland in 2012. Meanwhile, Suri, now 16 years old, lives with her mother in New York City; the two are frequently pictured together.

An estranged relationship was reported


When Katie and her husband divorced, Katie was awarded primary custody. Tom and Suri were reported to have an estranged relationship by various media outlets, with many citing Tom's commitment to Scientology as a possible reason. Tom didn't usually address his personal life during court proceedings in 2013, but he did speak about this matter in 2013. 

Tom sued for defamation after tabloids reported he abandoned his daughter following their divorce. He sought $50 million for defamation. Tom was deposed in 2013, and asked whether Katie had protected Suri from Tom's Scientology ties as a cause for the divorce.

This assertion is one of several

In Tom's opinion, he does not need to shield his daughter from his religion. He admitted, "That was one of the assertions, yes," when pressed about whether Scientology played a part in Katie leaving him. Tom eventually settled with Bauer Media for an undisclosed amount. 

As well as Suri, Tom shares three other children with Nicole Kidman: Isabella, 30, and Connor, 28. While Tom wasn't at Bella's 2015 wedding, in 2016, she confirmed that she talks to both of them daily. 

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