Kim Namjoon Faces Backlash After Sharing A Controversial Song

Kim Namjoon Faces Backlash After Sharing A Controversial Song

Updated on August 31, 2023 18:12 PM by Emma Alice

Kim Namjoon Faces Backlash After Sharing A Controversial Song

(Kim Namjoon Faces Backlash After Sharing A Controversial Song / Image Credits:The Economic Times)

'Bad Religions' faces backlash

BTS leader RM known as Kim Namjoon has elucidated his fans and social media users when he shared a song which was about insulting a religion. While talking to Weverse on Wednesday Kim requested the BTS army to believe what he is saying. His intentions were not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.Few hours after sharing the song, fans and social media users started asking him to bring down his post and apologize to the community he has hurt. Song ‘Bad religion’ was released by Oceans in 2012 and talks about reconnoitering one-sided love because of religious scuffles.

Respect for every religion

RM added that he has only shared a song and is not apologizing but only speaking what he truly feels about the song. He also said that he does not want to talk about the song any further and he respects every religion.In one of his Instagram posts he explained that his fans keep telling him that he has mocked a religion but in fact he hasn't. He respects everyone’s sentiments and religion thus he will not be sorry about it and won’t even take down his post.

RM's struggle of 10 years

RM's struggle of 10 years

(RM's struggle of 10 years / Image Credits:Let's GO News)

In a long Instagram post he explained in detail how he is a grown-up man and has every right to express himself. The 30-year-old said he has his own soul and he does not believe in lying. His fans have pointed fingers at him saying you have insulted a religion but the truth is he is not admitting his mistake.RM does not feel anything is wrong with his post and the song he has shared. He wants his fans to change the topic which has no value and is only consuming bad energy and time. He further said that he has been trying to be strong and lift himself for 10 years and due to some ruthless comments, he does not want to go back to old RM.

Fans who defended RM

There were also some of RM’s fans who jumped in to defend him and requested people on his behalf to understand the lyrics and meanings of the song first instead of jumping into conclusions and hating RM.Many social media users also accused RM of being Islamophobic because of hateful lyrics of the song. Even the hashtag started trending on another social media website saying ‘RM apologies to Muslims’.  The song includes the Arabic word, ‘Allah u Akbar’ which holds a religious significance for Muslims.In response to the hate RM’s fans Made it clear that the song addresses Ocean’s struggles of being gay that’s why he questions religious customs while addressing religious beliefs instead of being Islamophobic.

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