Kelly Clarkson Reveals The Struggles Of Her Children

Kelly Clarkson Reveals The Struggles Of Her Children

Updated on March 15, 2023 18:48 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Kelly Clarkson reports that her two young children have shared their complex feelings with her following her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in 2020. Her son Remington Alexander, 6, and daughter River Rose, eight, were born to her ex, 46, Blackstock, with whom she shares two children.

A seven-year-old couple finalizes their divorce

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It took a year for Clarkson and Blackstock to finalize their divorce after seven years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. As for her parenting style, the Fort Worth, Texas native says she asks her kids: 'Are you happy? If not, what could make you happy?' I ask them every night as they snuggle.

According to Clarkson, sometimes they'll say - especially the past two years, and it kills me, and I don't want them to lie to me - but many times it's just like, You know, I'm just really sad. My parents need to be in the same house, so I wish they could be together. One of the traits 'I am instilling in my children is honesty,' says the singer of A Moment Like This.

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From their point of view, she understands

In Clarkson's words, 'This is the type of individual I want to raise, so be honest with me'. It's no secret that the artist behind My Life Would Suck Without You is from a divorced family, so she understands their perspective. Then she says, "I imagine I'd sit there like that and say, "I understand ... I understand - that stinks - but we'll figure it out. And we love you."

Whenever she speaks to her children about tough subjects, Miss Independent strives for a happy medium in tone and tenor. It's necessary to communicate with them and not treat them as children - nor as adults, because they aren't - but as children, because their feelings and emotions are enormous.'

How to handle step-situations best

In response to her children's questions about Blackstock, Clarkson replied, "No, I don't know if I'll ever be able to forget that." According to Clarkson, she will not be getting married again because of her life experience. As a child, I was the victim of two divorces in my family. I longed to find someone to fall in love with. 

But as a parent, I can't do that since I have children. As a kid, I didn't have the best experiences with step-situations, remarriage, or dealing with step-parents. There's no way I'll let another dude in my house with my kids. I wouldn't want a dude in my house with them, so I won't let that happen to them.

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