How much is Kelly Clarkson's new talk show worth?

How much is Kelly Clarkson's new talk show worth?

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As a daytime show host on her daytime show, Kelly Clarkson's pay has increased significantly since she lived in her car and won multiple awards. Kelly Clarkson has reached millions of fans around the world with hits like "Since You Have Been Gone", "MY LIFE WOULD Suck Without You", and "Because Of You". 

In addition to her singing career, she appeared to make big bucks from being a host on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The rise to fame of Kelly Clarkson was challenging. She worked many humble jobs before she became famous. As a child in Texas, she took her talent to every singing competition. She skipped college to pursue her singing career. Kelly Clarkson struggled at first in Los Angeles. 

During this time, Kelly worked many jobs, including waitressing and working in the fast food industry, to help pay her bills. Things weren't going well for her. After saving money, she returned to Texas to audition for American Idol. Her television show has become Kelly's most lucrative gig ever. 

American Idol's First Winner Is Clarkson

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The American Idol show was perfect for Kelly Clarkson. Her warm personality and exceptional voice still make her fans appreciate her years after she won the show. She won the competition and millions of fans' hearts when she sang "A Moment Like This" during the finals. 

The album "A Moment Like This", released after American Idol, rocketed Kelly Clarkson from being an unknown singer to an overnight sensation. The next year, she won the Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy with "Breakaway", her second album. As she progressed through the years, she gained recognition as a pop star, receiving sixteen Grammy nominations and several other awards. 

A TV career for Kelly Clarkson

As an active person, Kelly Clarkson enjoys simultaneously being involved in many projects. Her outspoken personality quickly made her one of the most popular stars in the industry. Since 2017, she has focused less on releasing albums due to the sheer number of projects she is involved in. Her TV career seems more financially beneficial for Kelly Clarkson, even though she sold millions of copies and went on tours. 

She joined The Voice in 2017 and became one of the most liked judges. Clarkson also earned decent money from the show, which might have given her more time with her family. She earned $14 million per season in this role, but it wasn't her highest-paying gig.

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