Jay Glazer And Rosie Tenison Are Engaged

Jay Glazer And Rosie Tenison Are Engaged

Updated on March 20, 2023 14:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Exclusively revealed by Fox NFL, the 53-year-old reporter is engaged to their girlfriend, Rosie Tenison. According to a source, Jay Glazer proposed to Tenison earlier this week in Santa Monica. The couple dated for the first time in Santa Monica, which was the same location where Jay got engaged.

According to the insider, "he broke up with Rosie, despite knowing she was his soul mate and the love of his life." Glazer explained that it had taken a special spirit to stand with me, assist me, and help me grow so that I feel worthy of feeling loved. Having felt unlovable for 53 years has been a struggle for me. It has caused me to sabotage and push others away.

An experienced model and designer

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As a consequence of going on this mental health journey with you all, he explained that he wouldn't have been able to receive this love otherwise. It took me 53 years to realize I was worth it. I could beat the gray. I could live in the blue. Thank you, Rosie, for everything that will be blue and love for the rest of my life." 

A recent Instagram post from Glazer announced her relationship with Tenison, a former model and wear designer who owns the Los Angeles boutique ,Varga. Rosie and I spent two weeks together working on mind, body, and spirit. I appreciate your support." he continued.

Everyone and everything is connected

Our program consisted of eating only anti-inflammatory foods, training Muy Thai, learning meditation and breathwork techniques for calming anxiety, working with monks again to treat depression and mental health, and taking a digital detox. Glazer explained that as soon as we stopped using our phones and computers, the anxiety dissipated, and we became more connected to each other and everyone around us.

As a result, the NFL insider stated that he would be happy to share what we learned with you so that you may also benefit from it in the coming weeks. He explained, "I know that not everyone can go to Thailand, but I can bring what I learned back to you." Team Unbreakable can use these lessons anywhere.

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