Previously, Larsa Pippen Had Sex 'Four Times A Night' And Had Considered Changing Her Name

Previously, Larsa Pippen Had Sex 'Four Times A Night' And Had Considered Changing Her Name

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The Real Housewives of Miami reunion finale's second part features Larsa Pippen telling everything. Viewers saw intimate moments between the 43-year-old and her former husband, Scottie Pippen. Andy Cohen and his castmates were shocked by Marcus's statement that he had sex four times a night. He said he had sex four times every night. Cohen joked that Marcus would have a hard time replicating his success.

Larsa's marriage with Pippen

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When Larsa was 23 years old, she was married to Pippen. After splitting up in 2016, they tried to make things work but failed to resolve their differences. They ended their relationship in 2021 due to "irreconcilable differences." When asked if she would separate her last name from the last name of Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, the real homemakers OG seemed picky about her choice of words. She expressed vaguely that she would change her last name if she married Marcus.

A social media post of Laras

Then she protested, saying, "I don't want to discuss it - I want to discuss Marcus and me.". Her relationship with Michael Jordan's former teammate Andy Cohen was discussed on Andy Cohen's show. It's okay for us to talk about each other, she said. After ESPN aired the documentary The last dance, Pippen and Jordan fell out after playing together in the '80s and '90s. Marcus and Pippen were dating, so she cleared up all the rumors. I have never met him before. I dated Scottie last year. As he divorced his wife, I never got to meet his kids. We did not have interconnected families. I did not know her at all." In a photo posted to Instagram on Jan. 23, the pair appeared to nod to the basketball legend. "Check out stripes@trophyroomstore," she captioned the photo.

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