Top 25 Expensive Houses of Celebrities

Top 25 Expensive Houses of Celebrities

Updated on August 03, 2022 12:21 PM by Anthony Christian

It's difficult to deny the way that big names like to take things to a higher level. From top notch relaxes that a large portion of us can merely fantasize about to extravagance vehicles made by Maserati, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti, they most certainly appear to have the best of everything. Obviously, this stretches out to where they live. After all why live in a "standard" house when you can reside in one that is beyond ridiculous? The VIP’s on this rundown have figured out how to assume control over the top up another indent. Here are the 25 most costly VIP homes on the planet.

Oprah Winfrey: $101 Million Montecito, California

One of Oprah's homes, there are many and they're all terrific — is in Montecito, California. It's anything but a home, truly, yet a 42-section of land domain she purchased for $50 million in 2001. A 2012 expense evaluation, be that as it may, esteemed it at up to $90 million. Adapting to expansion knocks that number into a nine-figure area.

Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner: $37 Million Secret Hills, California

However, a few grown-up children might need to put a little distance between themselves and their folks; that isn't true with the Kardashian faction. Khloe Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, purchased two one next to the other manors (still under development) for $37 million. They won't be the main individuals from the family in this Hidden Hills gated local area. Most youthful little girl Kylie Jenner has a home there, Kim Kardashian's digs are nearby, and Courtney Kardashian's child daddy, Scott Disick, likewise has a home there.

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé: $88 Million Los Angeles

One of the world's greatest power couples ought to have one of the world's most prominent homes, a thought that isn't lost on Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who plunked down $88 million on a slope domain in Bel-Air. It's the 6th most costly home at any point bought throughout the entire existence of Los Angeles. Among its juiciest conveniences are four pools, a 15-vehicle carport, a full spa and health focus, and 30,000 feet of living space that is encased inside six different glass-walled structures. Broadly business astute, the couple exploited generally low home loan rates by putting 40% down and selling the leftover $52.8 million through Wall Street venture bank Goldman Sachs, very much like customary individuals do.

Celine Dion: $38.5 Million Jupiter Island, Florida

In the year Celine Dion sold her property on Florida's elite Jupiter Island for $38.5 million. The primary house incorporates 11,000 square feet of residing space, 13 rooms, and 14 restrooms; however, the fundamental element is oceanic: For Dion, a pool wouldn't accomplish engaging visitors, so the property incorporated a full confidential water park.

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Tiger Woods: $51.2 Million Jupiter Island, Florida

Jupiter Island, Florida, is one of the most well-off ZIP codes in America, and Tiger Woods is only one of the numerous rich celebrities who call the selective area home. He and, afterward, spouse Elin Nordegren paid $40 million for the home in 2006 — about $51.2 million today — just to destroy the house and re-try the rambling property. Normally, a portion of that money went into building a golf training office that incorporates sand traps, fairways, and greens, short game.

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George Lucas: $100 Million Nicasio, California

Celebrated movie producer George Lucas started gathering what might become Skywalker Ranch in 1978; the extremely one year from now later, "Star Wars" emerged. He gathered the 4,700-section of land property — just 15 sections of land are created — packaged by the bundle for an expected $100 million. It's really not Lucas' main living place and is utilized oftentimes as a Skywalker Sound work environment as well as a cooperative home base for movie producers. The bequest's parking areas are underground to protect its normal excellence. Conveniences incorporate Lake Ewok, a genuine working farm, an incredibly famous craftsmanship assortment, and a 300-seat cinema that is accepted to have the most modern sound framework on the planet.

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks: $72 Million Beverly Hills, California


In the quiet film period, it's difficult to envision any power couple was greater than Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The Bey and Jay-Z of their time, the couple was known for facilitating rich and restrictive gatherings whose lists of attendees included European eminence Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Amelia Earhart. Those gatherings occurred at Pick air (a play on the couples' last names), the 17-room, a 30-washroom manor that filled in as the focal point of Beverly Hills celebrity culture. It flaunted the biggest pool in Beverly Hills, which the couple used to cross in a kayak. Very rich person finance manager Corry Hong got it for about $17 million preceding posting it — as a project, mind you — for $60 million of every 2008. That is almost $72 million today.

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Mel Gibson: $29.8 Million Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Mel Gibson's wilderness hideout in Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula is called Playa Barrigona. Arranged on in excess of 400 sections of land of perfect rainforest, the domain guarantees multiple miles of heavenly ocean side shore disregarding the Pacific Ocean. The primary home, called Casa Guanacaste, flaunts seven rooms and eight restrooms. In 2017, he recorded it for $29.8 million, down from a unique requesting cost of $35 million.

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Dr. Dre: $43.6 Million Brentwood, California


Additionally, in 2014, one more rap and news big shot plunked down $40 million on a similarly extravagant chateau. For this situation, it was Dr. Dre who purchased a 20,000-square-foot bequest in Los Angeles' tony Brentwood area. The French-country manor, once possessed by Tom Brady, includes a canal and a 10,000-square-foot music studio. Adapted to expansion, it's worth more than $43 million, very much like Diddy's cushion.

Sean Combs: $43.6 Million Holmby Hills, California


In 2014, Sean Combs dropped $40 million on an immense chateau in Holmby Hills, California — that is more than $43.6 million in present dollars. The eight-room royal residence incorporates a wine basement, a rec center, a 35-seat theater, and a tidal pond pool with a submerged passage that prompts an extravagance cave. Altogether, his home traverses 17,000 square feet.

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Jennifer Lopez: $28 Million Los Angeles


Jennifer Lopez  is the expert on a rambling, multimillion-dollar land portfolio that traverses the nation and the globe. At the core, all things considered, is her $28 million French nation-style chateau in Bel Air, planned by celebrated engineer Samuel Marx in 1940. It includes a guesthouse, stopping for 17, a 30-seat screening room, and a bar.

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Hugh Hefner: $113 Million Holmby Hills, California


The late Hugh Hefner purchased the Playboy manor in 1974 for $1 million. Over 40 years and endless debaucherous evenings later, in 2016, an extremely rich person named Daren Metropoulos got it for a revealed $105 million. That is generally $113 million in the present dollars. The well-known every individual who's-someone has-been-there home is a 22,000-square-foot Gothic and Tudor manor with 29 rooms, a tennis court, all-year firecrackers grant, and a zoo permit.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley: $25 million Pacific Palisades, California


Television author/maker David E. Kelley and entertainer Michelle Pfeiffer sold a house they had purchased less than two years sooner for $25 million. The Mediterranean-style home has an incredible seven rooms and 11 restrooms, in addition to a library with a chimney, a higher-up suite with another chimney and two washrooms, and a confidential porch with perspectives on the Riviera Country Club. There's likewise a wine basement with a tasting region, a screening room, a nursery, and a vast pool.

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Ryan Seacrest: $45 Million Beverly Hills, California


Ellen DeGeneres had been asking $49 million for her Beverly Hills bequest when Ryan Seacrest consented to get it for what the Hollywood Reporter says was an expected $40 million of every, at least 2010, then $45 million today. . The 9,200-square-foot, nine-room present-day home has two elegant guesthouses and sits on multiple sections of land on a confidential road in Beverly Hills.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: $80 Million Correns, France


In 2008, the couple purchased Château Miraval, a palace and grape plantation in the south of France, for what might be compared to $67 million or about $80 million today. The fundamental house has 35 rooms, a helipad, indoor and outside pools, a computer game room, and a home theater, and that's just the beginning. Outside, there's a soil bicycle course, an estate garden that incorporates a 200-year-old olive tree, and, similar to every single great palace, a channel. The grape plantation upholds Miraval Wines, which creates exceptionally desired rosé. Regardless of separating in 2016, Pitt and Jolie are still co-proprietors of the property.

Derek Jeter: $22.5 Million Tampa, Florida


The resigned New York Yankees shortstop had this waterfront home in Tampa, Florida, worked in 2012, yet as of late sold the huge home. It traverses 30,875 square feet and accompanies a lot of security because of a 6-foot-high entryway. There's a home exercise center, open-air kitchen, saltwater pool, and not one yet two three-vehicle carports. There's likewise a club room with a thoroughly stocked bar and pool table. Jeter had been leasing the property to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen for $75,000 per month.

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Demi Moore: $47.4 Million New York City


Demi Moore sold her extravagant New York City penthouse for $45 million in 2017 (comparable to $47.4 million today) — she had initially asked for $75 million — 27 years after she and afterward spouse Bruce Willis got it. It's a trio at San Remo, a restrictive Central Park West center that is for some time been renowned for lodging celebs. Among the people who possessed units, there are Bono, Diane Keaton, Glenn Close, Steven Spielberg, and Steve Jobs.

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LeBron James: $23 Million Brentwood, California


At the point when James endorsed the Lakers in 2018, he wanted a house in L.A. He decided on a $23 million house in the stylish and rich Brentwood neighborhood with eight rooms and 11 washrooms. The super present-day manor flaunts highlights, for example, marble ledges and French oak floors made with wood obtained from Spain. There's likewise a roofed porch, the main room with a confidential deck, a stogie relax, and a wine basement. In spite of the fact that there's a full exercise center, the home does exclude a ball court.

Elon Musk: $32 Million Hillsborough, California


The Tesla CEO and SpaceX pioneer once promised to "own no house," and this, as of late, sold San Francisco-region chateau was evidently the last property he expected to dump to meet his objective (he supposedly resides in a 400-square-foot home on the grounds of SpaceX). The 47-section of land Hillsborough property, which Musk purchased in 2017, has a 16,000-square-foot home with seven rooms and ten restrooms, a library with calfskin walls, a kitchen prepared for a confidential gourmet specialist, a mixed drink room, and high roofs.

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Adam Levine: $28.5 Million Montecito, California

The lead vocalist of Maroon 5 and infrequent mentor on "The Voice" purchased this six-room, seven-restroom manor for $22.7 million and flipped it three months after the fact for a 25% benefit. The home has a pool, tennis structure, theater, and wine basement. This isn't Levine's most memorable, worthwhile land flip.

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Adele: $58 Million Beverly Hills, California

When "Rough" star Sylvester Stallone originally put his eight-room, 12-washroom chateau available in 2021, he needed $110 million for it. In any case, superstar Adele figured out how to catch the 3.5-section of land property for undeniably less — just $58 million — and at the cost gets a stogie room, screening room, and custom bar. The patio takes care of feasting and parlor regions, a putting green, and a vastness pool (no word on whether the clench hand siphoning Rocky sculpture at its edge stays with the property). Also, assuming Adele gets exhausted, she actually has three different spots she's purchased in the Beverly Hills region.

ull House' Producer Jeff Franklin: $85 Million Beverly Hills, California

While this home sits on the land where the scandalous homicides of Sharon Tate and four others by the Manson family occurred during the 1960s, the palatial bequest that is currently there was inherent in the '90s. The nine-room, 18-washroom home has a cinema, spa, boutique, pool room, wet bar, and shark tank (truly). There's likewise a pool with three cascades, two hot tubs, and a water slide. Need to leave your vehicle? The underground carport holds 16 vehicles. As far as it matters for him, Franklin has been unbothered by the part's somewhat scandalous past. "It's no affected my life at all," he told The Wall Street Journal. The house where the homicides occurred was destroyed in 1994, and the location of the part was changed.

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Tina Turner: $76 Million Zurich, Switzerland

Since Turner and her German-conceived spouse Erwin Bach surrendered U.S. citizenship almost a long time back, they've leased property in Switzerland for quite a long time on the grounds that no one but residents could purchase. In any case, subsequent to getting their Swiss citizenship, they've chosen to get established. The expensive spread has ten distinct designs dissipated across 5.5 sections of land, in addition to private lakefront space.

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Eric Trump: $59 Million Palm Beach, Florida

This eight-room, 11-washroom house is right on the ocean front, and right across the road from Mar-a-Lago, previous President Trump's flow digs. The property was placed available for $49 million last year however didn't sell. The $10 million cost climb is definitely not a typical land move, yet Trump fans should nibble. In the event that it sells, it will return a powerful benefit. At the point when the restricted obligation organization oversaw by Eric Trump purchased the home from Donald Trump's sister Maryanne in 2018.

Cindy Crawford: $99.5 Million Malibu, California


You, as well, can sunbathe around the pool where Cindy Crawford used to relax if you have incredibly abundant resources. She claimed this cutting-edge Mediterranean-style, 3-section of land ocean side compound until 2018 when she offered it to a resigned mutual funds supervisor. Presently it's back available with floor-to-roof sliding glass entryways for continuous perspectives on El Sol Beach, an expert suite with a chimney and double spa washrooms, a different entry mother by marriage suite, and a tennis court. It's even close to a bird territory, so prepare your optics and community with nature.

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