Janet Von Schmeling And Drake Bell Split After 4 Years Of Their Marriage 

Janet Von Schmeling And Drake Bell Split After 4 Years Of Their Marriage 

Published on January 03, 2023 18:42 PM by Sally Harbor

Sources revealed that the ex-Nickelodeon star Drake Bell and actress Janet Von Schmeling parted away in the mid of the latest struggles. The actor came across treatment, and the twosome decided to split up. 

As per the publication, it is said that Bell has entered into a treatment facility of his code of conduct.

The 36-year-old actor was identified for his role in Josh and Bell, and the actress headed for a divorce because of his unusual behavior.

Janet Shared Her Marriage Issues on Instagram 

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In November 2022, Janet claimed over Instagram that the couple had been 'separated.' Later on, she removed the post. One month before, she clued on her marriage issues, penned down on Instagram, 'I am trying and HEALING to find peace. This would be my process and my son stay with me. We are safe in Florida and find our new home forever here'. 

Another of Janet's updates arrived on social media that Bell spotted 'huffing' balloons on two special occasions in December 2022, and his son was sitting in the backseat of the car. 

In a statement, chief medical officer Dr. Lawrence Weinstein talked about Bell's rise in unusual behavior. He said, 'Based on facts & figures, more than 11% people misused inhalant abuse in the last year that can cause sudden death or cognitive impairment'. 

Bell Found Guilty for Two criminal Counts

The actor, Drake Bell, tweeted on July 2021, 'I've been married for around three years, and we feel blessed to be the parents of an amazing son. Thank you so much for the followers worldwide and their warm blessings. 

Later on, Drake Bell was found guilty of two criminal attempts on the issue of child endangerment charges and a serious matter of hurting juveniles. The musician was charged with a suspected incident in June 2021 when he performed an act in Cleveland, Ohio. Initially, he didn't accept his fault. But, later on, he feels sorry for harming the victim. 

The singer was condemned to two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. Janet remained by Bell's side during the time of legal woes. But the awkward moment turned after the show, 'How I Met Your Father.' 

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