Prince Harry Shared A Secret Message To Camilla In An ITV Interview

Prince Harry Shared A Secret Message To Camilla In An ITV Interview

Updated on January 09, 2023 18:54 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As expected, Prince Harry's interview with Tom Bradbury last night on ITV was explosive, with the host asking all the questions we've wanted to ask. In response to Harry and William's comments that they did not want their father remarried, Camilla is accused of planting stories in a 'campaign for marriage.'

Social media has exploded

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In the Camilla saga, social media exploded with reactions. Eagle-eyed viewers caught Harry making a second dig at his stepmother in an easy-to-miss moment. A recent attack on Meghan Markle in The Sun by Jeremy Clarkson was an example of tabloid press fueling hatred of his wife. 

In his dreams, Jeremy imagines crowds yelling, "Shame!" as they parade through Britain naked and throwing excrement at her. According to Harry, accountability should be discussed based on the recent Jeremy Clarkson article. He said something horrible and hurtful to my wife, but it also encouraged other people - particularly men - to think that treating women that way is okay.

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There is a violent epidemic

'There is a pandemic of violence against women,' Harry continued, echoing my stepmother's words a moment ago. The way Harry used Camilla's words about the "pandemic of violence" was perceived as a dig since Jeremy Clarkson was charged with leaking stories.

ITV's Camilla's Country Life documentary revealed Clarkson and Armstrong had been friends since Clarkson guest edited Country Life during her tenure as editor. We used to sneak a crafty cigarette round the corner of things,' he said. 'But I don't smoke anymore. We used to sneak one around the back.

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Camilla is being accused

The allegations against Camilla have not been addressed by Buckingham Palace, which hosted a Christmas lunch that Clarkson attended two days before his vile comments.

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