Camilla And King Charles Attend Their First Royal Maundy Service Of The New Reign

Camilla And King Charles Attend Their First Royal Maundy Service Of The New Reign

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It is tradition for King Charles and Queen Camilla to kick off the Easter weekend with a royal wedding. In the morning on Thursday, King and Queen Consort attended York Minster's Royal Maundy Service, the first service since Queen Elizabeth's death in September. 

To honor those older than 70 for outstanding Christian service in their communities, Queen Elizabeth distributed special coins known as "Maundy money" on the Thursday before Easter each year.

Gratitude Toward Their Community

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During the service, the Dean of York and Archbishop of York welcomed King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 75, into York Cathedral and presented them with traditional nosegay bouquets. To show his gratitude for their community contributions, King Charles presented Maundy money to 74 men and 74 women from across the Church of England, as well as from ecumenical partners. There were two purses given to beneficiaries this year. 

In the white purse, there are specially minted coins in recognition of Charles' age of 74, while in the red, there are two commemorative coins. In November, King Charles celebrates his 75th birthday and the Windrush Generation's 75th anniversary. King John in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, reportedly distributed the first royal distribution in 1210.

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Participating In The Same Event

Royal Maundy remains one of the most ancient ceremonies of the Church of England. A blessing by the Dean of York concluded the Royal Maundy Service. King Charles and Queen Camilla posed for a photograph with the Royal Maundy party after the service and were then taken to a private reception at York Minster Refectory. 

Despite this being their first time participating in the Royal Maundy Service as King and Queen Consort, Charles and Camilla were present at the same event last year when Queen Elizabeth served as Queen Consort. During the event, then-Prince Charles distributed the Maundy money for the first time.

Increased Frequency Of Going Out

Camilla attended her first event as well, filling in for Queen Elizabeth. Several health setbacks prevented Queen Elizabeth from going out more frequently last year, despite doing light duties and holding virtual audiences. Princess Eugenie was present at her grandmother's last Royal Maundy Service at Windsor Castle in 2019. 

She distributed 93 coins during the service to mark her 93rd birthday. As Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth attended the first Royal Maundy in 1935. During her reign, she began visiting cathedrals and abbeys to share the celebration instead of just distributing Maundy money in London.

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