Who is 'Princess Anne'? The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II

Published on September 17, 2022 17:28 PM by Sally Harbor

The only child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip is Princess Anne. She has two younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, and is the second oldest child after King Charles III. She was granted the title of Princess when she was born, and it wasn't until 1987 that she received the title Princess Royal, which she continues to use now. The oldest daughter of a king is frequently given this title. Princess Anne has always been deeply associated with the royal family. She has remained so even after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, despite her best efforts to avoid the limelight.

According to Richard Fitzwilliam, Royal Commentator, "One of the reasons that not much is known about Princess Anne is because that is the way she prefers it." "Despite being the member of the Royal Family that works the hardest, she dislikes publicity. Her sense of style has always astounded us. She was present with The Queen's body, which was significant since it showed how much the Royal Family viewed her. She is a strong ally of King Charles. She won't be doing more because she is already providing for the family so much that she cannot do anymore."

Princess Anne's comments toward the Queen

Princess Anne sent a message on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II that was filled with gratitude and love. "I had the good fortune to be present for my dearest Mother's final 24 hours. It has been a delight and an honor to travel with her on her last trips," she remarked. "It has been both humbling and inspiring to see the love and respect that so many people have exhibited on these excursions. We will all have special memories to share.

I extend my gratitude to everyone who understands our sense of loss. In her declaration, Princess Anne also referred to her brother, King Charles III. "She may have served as a reminder of how much we took for granted about her presence and contribution to our sense of national identity. I am also incredibly appreciative of the kindness and sympathy are shown to my loving brother Charles as he takes on the additional duties of The Monarch." She said, "To my mother, The Queen, thank you."

What is Princess Anne's age

Compared to her older brother King Charles III, born on November 14, 1948, Princess Anne, born on August 15, 1950, is a year older. Her birthplace was Clarence House.

Princess Anne served in the armed forces

Princess Anne was spotted in uniform during her mother's coffin process after Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Princess Anne has several military honors and titles despite not having served in the military. Her titles in the Royal Air Force and the British Army include Air Chief Marshal and General.

Who is the husband of Princess Anne

Captain Mark Phillips was the first spouse of Princess Anne. They were engaged in 1973 after beginning their relationship in the late 1960s. The two were married at Westminster Abbey on November 14, 1973. Before divorcing in 1989, the couple had two children: Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall. In 1992, the divorce was legally finalized.

Although Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence are now wed, their relationship had a rocky beginning in the eyes of the public after it was claimed that the couple had been exchanging romantic letters before Princess Anne's divorce from Captain Mark Phillips, even though the letters' contents were not made public.

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