Top 13 bizarre habits of people from different Countries

Top 13 bizarre habits of people from different Countries

Updated on August 15, 2022 17:21 PM by Emily Hazel

Traveling can be a challenging experience that occasionally puts you in peril especially if it is your first time visiting a far-off nation. You might be surprised by some peculiar laws and practices, in addition to being made to feel uneasy, amused, or compelled to breach the law without realizing it. For instance, in Singapore, something as innocent as chewing gum in public could cost you several hundred dollars. In Vietnam, something as easy as crossing the street can be highly stressful.

Here is a list of the top 13 bizarre habits of people in other Countries

1. China: Spitting in Public

We all agree that spitting is disgusting. Who does that even? Unfortunately, it's impossible to escape witnessing or hearing this repulsive behavior in China. Although China is trying to make people stop doing so, many citizens still feel no shame in spitting or blowing their nostrils in public. Actually, a foreign visitor will be surprised by the Chinese's wide variety of other peculiar customs. You should be prepared to put yourself in the shoes of a star if you are white, tall, and blond. Most likely, you will receive countless requests to take pictures with a group of locals. Here is one of the bizarre habits of the China people.

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2. Cambodia: Fried Cricket for Snacks

Many nations offer travelers exotic cuisines, such as guinea pigs in Peru and scorpions or bamboo worms in China. This kind of food is typically provided at eateries or outdoor specialty markets. However, street vendors in Cambodia sell deep-fried insects since they are so well-liked by locals. They appear to understand what a fantastic snack they are providing. It's not unusual to see a street vendor devouring fried crickets from his cart with the same enthusiasm as though they were peanuts. Fried Cricket for snacks is the most bizarre habit of Cambodia People.

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3. Vietnam: Police assistance when crossing the street

The main cities in Vietnam have such crazy traffic that for a first-time visitor, crossing the street could seem like an impossible task. Numerous motorcyclists clog the roadways, ignoring crosswalks for pedestrians and frightening foreign tourists trying to cross the street to die.

A local motorcycle won't stop if he sees a pedestrian in front of him. As strange as it may seem, it is usual in Vietnam to attempt to maneuver past pedestrians. Unfamiliar with the local crossing procedure, a pedestrian can lose his mind if he finds himself in the thick of hectic traffic. So what should you do if you are desperate to cross the street? Search for the tourism police. In fact, among other duties, Ho Chi Minh City's tourism police personnel assist tourists in crossing the street.

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4. Japan: The lack of Public Trash Bin

It doesn't take long for a foreign visitor to Japan to wonder where all the public trash cans went. Since they are difficult to see in public places like parks and shopping centers, many tourists wind up lugging their rubbish with them until they get back to the hotel. The 1995 deadly terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway system is linked to the absence of public trash cans in Japan. Sarin gas was used by Aum Shinrikyo cult members to harm more than 5,000 individuals who were heading to work in the morning, killing 13 people. The number of public garbage cans decreased after this terrorist attack since it is simple to conceal a terrorist weapon there. Japan has surprisingly clean streets, parks, and other public areas considering there aren't many public trash cans.

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5. France: Everything Closes Earlier

The official opening times typically mean something different in France than they do in other countries. Actually, it happens when workers leave their location of business. Therefore, if a store or other public location shuts at 8 p.m., plan on being sent away 20 minutes earlier: the fitting room in the store will be locked from 7.40–7.45 p.m., and you'll be asked to exit the pool at 7.40 p.m., and the fish and meat counters in a supermarket might be empty by 7 p.m.The fresh bread will also run out before 6 p.m., despite the fact that this is outside of normal business hours. During the evening rush hour, a baguette, the most popular bread in France, is always the first item to sell out.

6. Spain: Dirty Napkins on the Bars Floor

The party scene in Spain is second to none. Every city has a plethora of bars and eateries, making it difficult for you to pick just one. In truth, one factor reveals which pub or restaurant delivers superior cuisine than the others: how clean the place's floor is. If there are soiled napkins all over the floor, go ahead; you won't regret it. It's common practice to leave your used napkin on the bar or café floor, just as you would with an empty glass. This is the Most bizarre habit of the People of Spain People.

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7. Singapore: Prohibitions Everywhere

Singapore has so many restrictions that it might be difficult to know what is legal and what is not. You could spend close to 360 US dollars if you rush into a metro station holding a sandwich. You may also be fined for using a public restroom without flushing it, taking the repulsive fruit durian into the metro, or chewing gum in view of others. In actuality, chewing gum is prohibited in this nation.

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8. Thailand: Ladyboys are well integrated into a daily life

In Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, transgender people and transvestites, often known as ladyboys, are extremely prevalent. Ladyboys that dress extravagantly participate in cabaret shows or nightclubs. But these are not the only locations where you can see them. Thais are accustomed to seeing ladyboys in various settings, including serving at restaurants, working in beauty parlors, and standing behind counters in shopping malls. It's possible that you won't discover that a gorgeous and tall waitress at the restaurant of your hotel isn't at all a traditional woman until the third day.

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9. Australia: Barefoot People

The locals would not be surprised to see a barefoot shopper in a grocery store, but a foreigner could be. Australians enjoy walking around barefoot in tiny towns, not only on the beach. People can be seen walking about barefoot on the street, in cafes, in small businesses, and even at train stations. Over 10,000 beaches may be found in Australia, including some of the most breathtaking ones on the planet. Therefore, it is not surprising that Australians seem so carefree, particularly in beach areas.

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10. Colombia: Extremely Cold  Buses

The best way to go about Colombia is via bus. However, there is one thing you should be aware of before you go: it is quite cold inside. The maximum capacity of an air conditioner is always in use, regardless of the weather outside. Bring a sleeping bag and a long-sleeved shirt with you to prevent a chilly ride.

In South America, buses are the most cost-effective mode of transportation for vast distances. The quality of the buses varies, but when traveling between cities, you'll typically take a four- or five-star coach with an onboard restroom, air conditioning (see below), and occasionally movies (mostly in Spanish).

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11. Bhutan: Night Hunting

In the eastern regions of the Himalayan kingdom, where it is known as Bomena, young men seeking love and marriage venture out at night on a different kind of hunt. They enter the empty-nesters' rooms and spend the night there. If they are discovered, they must either wed the girl or serve a sentence of labor in her father's fields. Given that women are frequently raped and have their privacy invaded, this custom is hotly contested nowadays. Night hunting is a bizarre habit of the Bhutan people. The traditional custom of midnight love and romance, known as night hunting, is largely practiced in rural eastern and central Bhutan. The original terminology does not contain the words "night" or "hunting."

Young guys sneak into girls' windows at night to engage in sexual activity. Whether or if the male has a set date will determine whether the prowling is done alone or in groups. It is comparable to date in a city. It can be a single activity if one has spoken with the female beforehand, but it frequently takes place after a gathering when buddies decide to go looking for girls. Most boys would see a female. Despite leaving as a group, they gradually separate as each person finds a mate.

12. Japan: Penis Festival

Devotees participate in a procession through the streets of Kawasaki, Japan, better known as the Kanamara Matsuri, while carrying a huge sculpture in the form of a penis. This is the Most Bizarre habit of the Japan People.  According to legend, a demon with vaginal teeth lured men to their deaths until temple priests destroyed her lethal secret weapon with a metal d**k. Many sex workers participate in this event to pray for health and immunity to STDs.

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13. Bali: Tooth Filing

Balinese men and women have their teeth cleaned in advance of marriage, unlike the majority of us who file our nails. The control of immoral emotions like lust, greed, rage, and envy is represented by smoothed teeth. These are very trying and unpleasant events that signify entering adulthood. The ideal age to execute this procedure is between 6 and 18 years old, although, for girls, it should be done right after their first period. Since they haven't married, several Balinese people today decided it was better to execute this ceremony a little late than never. The Most bizarre habit of Bali`s people.

If the rite is not completed before death, the family should execute the ceremony before burying the body. The tooth filing ceremony is mainly associated with Balinese tradition and has significance outside of Hinduism. Long canine teeth are primarily for aesthetic purposes because, for the locals, they don't look well enough. However, Dewa Kama, also known as Sang Hyang Semara Ratih, The God of Beauty, is also revered in Bali Hinduism. Dewa Kama is thought to bring good fortune, heal disease, ward off evil, and bestow the beauty of flowers upon those who adore her.

To Conclude

Various cultures have various traditions. Some are unmistakably lovely, while others are just plain strange. Here in this article, we have discussed some of the bizarre habits of the people of other countries. Some Countries have Culture related Bizarre habits, and some have eating-related bizarre habits.

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