Luxurious ocean cruising redefined by the world's biggest superyachts

Luxurious ocean cruising redefined by the world's biggest superyachts

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You who love sailing or are fascinated by engineering masterpieces like those listed below will find this article helpful. You will need a net worth in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, to afford even the cheapest Superyacht on our list. Luxury yacht ownership is synonymous with unrivaled wealth, a status symbol, and floating extravagance that can only be afforded by the world's richest.

During the early 20th century, wealthy individuals began commissioning large private yachts for their own personal enjoyment that they first became known. There has been a massive increase in the popularity of luxury yachts between 1997 and 2008, including the Christina O and Savarona, two of the earliest examples.

Initially, what was a fairly simple vessel with basic accommodation rapidly evolved into the world's most expensive luxury yachts in 2019, which all possess the highest sophistication and luxury features, as shown in the following chart. A holiday on a luxury yacht is different from a holiday on a superyacht. A vacation on a superyacht takes it a step further: one of the world's largest yachts.

A superyacht that is the worlds biggest or most expensive comes equipped with facilities that outweigh your average five-star hotel, including onboard swimming pools, cinemas, helicopter landing pads, and spas. Some of the world's wealthiest people own these mega yachts and anonymous owners who prefer to keep their luxury transportation hidden. They redefine the concept of a boat into something so sleek, stylish, and impressive that it is hard to describe.

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A large amount of extra length sets the Azzam apart from most superyachts in the top 10 categories, with only a few inches between their sizes. Designed to be the world's largest Superyacht, Azzam was never built to win it — rather, to be an elegant and sleek vessel. Her interior plans were confirmed before her exterior was fully approved, so she was built backward.

As a result of her interiors, she was designed to be 35 meters long, adding 35 meters to her overall dimensions. With a blend of indoor and outdoor living, she also appears smaller than she is. The construction of Azzam took over four years, involving more than 4000 people who worked six million hours.

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Fulk Al Salamah

This Superyacht, developed under the codename Project Saffron, is more of a support vessel than a typical luxury vessel. Fulk Al Salamah translates to "Ship of Peace," a notion that seems obvious when you look at its incredible layout.

The Royal Navy of Oman uses her as a transport ship rather than a particularly relaxing voyage. However, she still comes with all the necessities for a particularly relaxed voyage. Additionally, she serves as a friendship boat — pun intended — and sails worldwide to strengthen links with the Sultanate. Influential people are welcome onboard some of the ships.

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Although Eclipse was designed to be an extremely large, luxurious yacht, it took around five years to build from start to finish. It was more important to deck it out appropriately than to break any records. In addition to being incredibly spacious, she has a sleek, neutral color palette running through and is incredibly spacious.

In addition to additional helicopter pads and a large swimming pool, Eclipse's owner, Roman Abramovich, also wanted additional facilities. Also, designer Terry Disdale was given free rein on the rest of the yacht. There is just as much clean architectural style here as stunning deck space.

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The ruling family of Dubai named it after its home country and offered all the amenities you'd expect from such a name. The project had multiple names in the planning stages - Panhandle, Platinum, and Golden Star. Dubai has an impressive swimming pool, two Jacuzzis, and a dining room with blue and burgundy decor that can accommodate up to 90 guests. Her principal place of mooring is on the private island of Sheikh Mohammed in front of his summer palace in Dubai. In essence, she's a floating palace.

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A superyacht known originally as Project Omar, Dilbar, was designed with the help of exterior expert Espen Oeino, and Andrew Winch designed the interior with striking interiors. Despite being the world's largest Superyacht in gross tonnage, Dilbar is also the fifth-longest.

As well as a spa pool and beach club, she has a large private cinema, spacious cabins on the main deck, a large dining room, and a salon with a piano. In addition to being beautiful on the outside, she is just as classy on the inside.

Al Said

In 2008, Al-Said was referred to as "Project Sunflower" throughout its entire construction, referred to as yet another Superyacht built in secrecy. Although it is known that Al Said has a large concert room with enough space for an orchestra of 50 people, little is known about her movements, amenities, or even her movements.

Her current flag is Oman's, and she has traveled extensively in its surrounding waters. The Sultan of Oman purchased a ship of a smaller size when she was delivered to him, replacing one of a smaller size that was previously delivered. The British design house RWD styled the interior, and Espen Oeino designed the exterior.

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If you want to name your Superyacht something other than A, choose A+. Formerly named Topaz, this Superyacht was the world's fourth-largest luxury yacht when she was built, but it wasn't long before she lost that title to another superyacht.

However, she remains an impressive superyacht with endless amenities like a huge jacuzzi, two helicopter landing pads, a swimming pool with underwater lights, a diving platform, a fitness center, a cinema, and a conference room. In addition to jet skis, inflatable boats, catamarans, and mini-submarines, she also comes equipped with a wide variety of water toys.

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Prince Abdulaziz

King Fahd ordered Prince Abdulaziz's yacht, named after his son, Prince Abdul Aziz. Abdullah, one of the Saudi royal family's sons, now owns the yacht. She's frequently seen throughout Europe, particularly in Cannes, where the royal family owns a residence.

Once, in 2007, the ship was redecorated, and it took 15 months to complete without even considering the rest of its upkeep. Due to the late David Hicks' influence on its design, Prince Abdulaziz is renowned for combining bold colors with a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

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El Mahrousa

It is not surprising that El Mahrousa has been known by several different names throughout her history, including "The Protected" and "El Horreya," which means "Freedom." Given her age, it is not surprising. Her history is filled with restorations over the years, including multiple lengthenings and faster engines, making her one of the oldest superyachts in the world. She was built on the river Thames in her earliest days and took her first trip in 1867. In 2000, she renamed El Mahrousa and became the first ship to cross the new Suez Canal extension.

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The bow design on Nord is unique and has never been seen on a yacht before. It's one of the first things you'll notice. Next, her unusual design will catch your attention. Dan Lenard of the Italian design studio Nuvolari-Lenard refers to her as "a warship wearing a tuxedo," Her design is close to battle-like.

The yacht has features, including a sports and diving center on the lower deck, a swimming pool higher up that overlooks the ocean, and a fleet of tenders. It was designed for global exploration and will comfortably cruise all over the globe.

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Dream Symphony

Almost as exciting to admire as she is to sail on, Dream Symphony's stunning design and seamless presentation make her nearly as enjoyable to admire as it is to sail on. A dazzling new superyacht with stunning interior design, Dream Symphony is built using unique wood building technology by Ken Freivok.

A teak deck and an ocean-facing glass pool make her one of the greenest superyachts on the market, with as little environmental impact as possible. Her rising floor makes her perfect for helicopters to drop off their newest guests and a rising floor for helicopters to land.


As one of the most well-known superyachts out there, Yas stands out for its seamless and unusual design. The owner wanted to create a yacht reflecting his heritage, with a navy-inspired backbone and abstract lines.

As such, he selected a boat in Abu Dhabi that had been deconstructed on land before being transported and renovated into the Wonder of the World. The Yas Yacht used to be a Dutch navy frigate, but it is hard to tell from a stroll onboard today.

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A secret of Solaris' enormous size was supposed to be kept during her construction, but it didn't last long when her huge size was observed during sea trials in the North Sea. In addition to the beach club on the top floor, this Superyacht has several other attractions: a perfect place to relax after a long day at sea.

Aside from the beach club's gorgeous exteriors, it also features a helipad, sundeck, and crane for launching toys and tenders. The interior design is largely unknown, but it's likely to be as luxurious as its exteriors.

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Ocean Victory

In addition to visiting Europe, Southeast Asia, and back again, Ocean Victory is the upgraded vessel owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov following his purchase of the Ebony Shine 76-meter yacht. With six swimming pools and a spa area of 300 square meters, it's the perfect vessel for absolute luxury. The interior and exterior of this vessel are designed by Alberto Pinto and Espen Oeino and are both stunning. With its impressive size and quality, Ocean Victory is the world's largest Superyacht built in Italy.

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In addition to helicopter landing pads and Jacuzzis, Scheherazade also provides two outdoor fire pits and outdoor Jacuzzis. As previously named Lightning, "Scheherazade" is often associated with a female character from One Thousand and One Nights, a Middle Eastern folk tale. The birth and development of this Superyacht were called Project Lightning, and little is known about it. It's unclear what she's like inside or who owns it. Everything we know about her is that she sailed from Norway to Germany after completing her construction.

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