Have you ever been on a superyacht? Now is the time to start living a life of luxury! Try it and enjoy it.

Have you ever been on a superyacht? Now is the time to start living a life of luxury! Try it and enjoy it.

Updated on August 11, 2022 11:46 AM by Anthony Christian

Croatia-based superyacht

Freedom began with the Croatia-based superyacht, the life as a cabin cruiser, plying Croatia’s postcards islands with 18 onboard cabins with an accommodation of 40 guests rented out for $1500 per person for a week.

This superyacht had individual cabins for rent and meals that were also served as onboard. Cabin cruisers have operated in Croatian waters as they are the popular alternative for cruise ships.

In early 2022, $1.6 million is for refurbishment as the Croatian shipyard Radez is about 48 meters re-emerged with docks split this summer with a modern superyacht with 11 cabins for a single group of up to 22 guests.

Deck in the ship

The ship has four decks, a fitness room, a sun deck with a hot tub, and a small plunge pool and bar. There are fleets of water toys onboard with an inflatable slide, Seabob, and water scooter.

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Luxury lifestyle

The Freedom of the first superyacht season starts at 80,000 Euros per week without food and alcohol. On a luxury cruise that might cost you, you can gather with 21 of your closest friends in a superyacht island-hopping lifestyle for less than a week.

Adriatic coast is one way to taste the superyacht without complete blowing as they are vacation budget. Some travelers who want to experience the superyacht with a low budget can use this but not stratospheric in terms of price.

Yatch during pandemic

In Croatia, the Yacht business is in full throttle. The ship owners make money from the clients as they have private charters due to the pandemic. Cabin cruisers in Croatia came to Goolets booking private groups to accommodate people for social distancing and travel with others in bubbles.

If the client books the entire ship, then the tips are bigger. From late April to late September, the price of the Freedom charters is set to increase to 100,000 Euros for the 2023 season.

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Refurbished cabin cruisers

Freedom designed a workhorse to make money as this ship was not charging more like Freedom because it does not provide top quality. In 2019, they also built a ship for $4 million. This superyacht is about 50 meters, and the price is around $50 million, unlike a Freedom superyacht.

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Google also

offers the 49-meter Ohana and Cristal and 48-meter Bella in 2023. This type of ship is for business people who have a lot of money but don't want to spend $500,000 a week. The 2023 season starts with Cristal's low budget of 55,000 Euros per week, with room for 38 guests in 19 cabins.

A charter in the niche

Ocean Air Media has been a superyacht for 13 years as they created niches of their own with Freedom. Charging a Yacht per week is about 100,000 Euros; that is, an older boat might be close to 30 or 40 meters, and a smaller boat with the huge possibility of ten guests.

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Budgeting for a superyacht

In the South of France, a starting price of a superyacht is about $250,000 per week before food and alcohol, whereas it is less expensive for Yacht charters. Turkey is a less expensive Yacht but has cleaner water than the South of France.

Heather Hatcher of the International Yacht Company is with one of the largest fleets in the world. If you book the charter in May and June and September and October in the Mediterranean, you can expect 10% off high season weekly based on charter rates.

Strategies for saving

You have a charter in Turkey and leave and go into Greece on a foreign boat that is not a Turkish Yacht, and without a Turkish flag, you leave a country and touch a foreign port and avoid it. Charters start in Rhode Island and Maine with zero taxes. If you start from New York or Massachusetts, you must pay state sales tax based on the charter fee.

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