What to avoid purchasing on Prime Day

What to avoid purchasing on Prime Day

Updated on July 12, 2023 16:55 PM by Andrew Koschiev

You might be excited to take advantage of all the amazing deals Amazon offers on July 11 and 12. Despite the numerous fantastic sales, we've compiled a list of the things you should avoid spending your money on.

In addition, it is vital to remember that Target Circle Week (July 9-15) and Walmart+ Week (July 10-13) are likewise occurring simultaneously, so good sense would suggest that you should look at every one of the destinations before buying to see which site gives you the best value for your money.


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While Amazon has many everyday arrangements on hardware during Prime Day, remember that the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving and The online Christmas sales extravaganza will generally have the best electronic arrangements.

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If you're looking for a new bed, wait until September because the best mattress sales are around Labor Day at the end of summer.


Lots of toys will be marked down during Prime Day. Toys regularly go on specials around significant occasions like Work Day, the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving, and The Monday following Thanksgiving.

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Game Consoles

Although Game consoles may be somewhat discounted on Prime Day, you will get a better deal if you wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Game consoles are in high demand and are always sought after.


Even though these expensive items are always on people's wish lists, you won't get as good a deal on Laptops on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as you would.

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