The record-breaking success of Barbie and Oppenheimer opening $52.5

The record-breaking success of Barbie and Oppenheimer opening $52.5

Updated on August 14, 2023 15:44 PM by Andrew Koschiev

(The record-breaking success of Barbie and Oppenheimer opening $52.5\Image Credits:Polygon)

As we all are familiar with the recent release of the blockbuster movie named Barbie, has left its fans amazed. The cast and crew of the movie are fantastic and the movie revolves around the story of a doll starring Margot Robbie has created a significant fan following all over the media. The pink-themed movie was followed by most of its fans and as soon as it entered the market, it seemed no less than a bombshell at the box office. 

The movie grossed around $52.5 since when it got released and there’s a lot more coming on the way. Now we talk about Oppenheimer which is another blockbuster movie, starring Murphy. The storyline is beyond perfect mentioning the creation of the atomic bomb. Both the movies and their casts have left their fans curious and all they could do is book the tickets to their nearest cinema and binge-watch them.

Barbenheimer and fan's reaction

Both of the movies have received love and appreciation beyond words. In the first week of the release, Barbie made a whooping sum of $1.18B which is huge. Casting Margot Robbie and the leading actor of Hollywood Ryan Gosling, the movie revolves around the lovey-dovey life of both the actors in their Barbie land where they have to undergo existential crises like death. The most fascinating factor of the movie was that it was all in Barbie's hands to become anything she liked. It was all in her hands. The opening weekend was a huge success for the movie where it made a magnanimous figure of $337M. 

(Barbenheimer and fan's reaction \Image Credits: RNZ)

Now if we talk about Oppenheimer, the movie stars the brilliant Murphy which showed how his life evolved around the creation of the atomic bomb. He created it for the Manhattan Project. The physicist shows all the mastermind skills and struggles to reach where he was able to make the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer is the ultimate success as during the opening, it made a huge sum of $264M and $649M at the box office. It’s true that both the movies are poles apart but that’s when you have to decide which genre you are willing to go for.


Both the movies have become super hits due to their cast and crew, the plot, and most importantly the success of both movies made it a hit. If Oppenheimer was a bomb then Barbie was a bombshell at the box office and they both earned huge chunks in quite a less time. It took no time and just when the weekend reached, the movie gained massive love and money. However, in comparison, Barbie had more fan following and made more money as compared to Oppenheimer and hence it was the reason that Oppenheimer was the second-highest movie rated in terms of a hit on the box office. 

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