Barbie 2: The Anticipation for a Barbie’s Sequel Builds?

Barbie 2: The Anticipation for a Barbie’s Sequel Builds?

Updated on July 29, 2023 13:23 PM by Andrew Koschiev

 The Barbie film finally showed at the cinema on July 21, but the question is will there be Barbie 2? Is any return for Ryan Gosling, and even Dua Lipa the Mermaid Barbie in Barbie Land? Has the director, Greta Gerwig, planned the sequel from the Barbie film caused by the fact that Barbie will become a big success?

Will There be Barbie 2?

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Barbie World is surely so ready for a spin-off and sequel. Barbie can do anything: Be a doctor, president, queen of beauty, and more. The material was there, but the team behind the original Barbie film was not sure. "This can be millions of different directions from this point", said Margot Robbie to Time of A Future Sequel. "But I think you fall into a little trap if you try and make the first film while also planning a sequel".

Greta Gerwig as director also discussed rumors about more Barbie films, including who focused on Ken. "Honestly, I just focus on removing this one and crossing all my fingers and toes", said Gerwig to ET. "And then we will see what happened after that." At the end of 2022, Greta Gerwig said the potential for the Cinematic Universe of Barbie was there, but she could not make a concrete plan for the whole series of films. "I mean, it will definitely be fun if that".

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Ken Will Return to The Sequel

Most of the Barbie Magic films are because the players are very talented. Ryan Gosling, recently tells to ET that he well happy to return to Barbie as Ken. "I will work with Greta and Margot in anything", said Ryan Gosling.

How About Barbie 2?

But what does all this mean for Barbie 2? It might be difficult to make a sequel, because the stars, Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie,, both are constantly in demand (along with many of his co-star). It might also be in the best interest of Mattel to stick to one film because the bar for the second Barbie film will be very high given the intense reaction to the first film.

Considering that the media could not have a solid confirmation that the sequel of Barbie film is actually on the way, everything only a speculation. But if the sequel will release, it can be about Margot Robbie's Barbie or the center in one of the other Barbie, such as Hari NEF’s Dr. Barbie or Issa Rae’s President Barbie. It can be also, as mentioned before, centered on Ryan Gosling’s Ken or even Michael Cera’s Allan. There is a lot of potential.

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