General Hospital: With Christmas Presents Being Unwrapped, Families Unite

General Hospital: With Christmas Presents Being Unwrapped, Families Unite

Updated on December 22, 2022 18:47 PM by Andrew Koschiev

On Christmas Eve, the children assemble at the Quartermaine estate with Drew, Carly, Olivia, Ned, Michael, and Willow to open one present each. Olivia laments Monica's illness and her inability to join them.

Ned and Olivia apologize

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When Brook Lynn joins them, she is unaware they are giving presents. Before the performance in Rice Plaza, Ned says that they let the youngsters each open one gift. When Olivia inquires about Chase, Brook Lynn replies that he won't be attending. She explains what happened off-camera, and Ned and Olivia apologize. Ned chuckles that perhaps in the new year, but not tonight, she can expect a lesson. Ned queries what she intends to do regarding the show, as she will violate the contract if she does nothing. Her dad can perform, in her opinion. Ned advises that she must be truthful with the people she agrees with and that she cannot change the terms at the last minute. He quips to face the music.

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Michael and Willow inform bringing another sister to Wiley

In the meantime, Michael and Willow inform Wiley that he will have a younger sister. He is impatient. They respond that she will be here by Christmas when he inquires about her arrival. He is thrilled that they will be able to share gift-opening next year. When Willow is upset, she excuses herself. Michael promises Willow that they will spend many more Christmases together when she soon returns. Wiley joins them in their embrace.

Later, Carly gives Wiley a big embrace and tells everyone she needs to leave. Drew leads her outside before luring her into a kiss and presents a Florida keychain with a key on it. She queries the purpose of the key. She'll learn soon, he replies with a smile.

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Alexei enquires about his father's situation

Alexis, Molly, TJ, Kristina, Spencer, Sam, and Dante congregate at Alexis' house. Alexis checks on Spencer to see how he is doing. Must he follow father's footsteps? He asks Alexis. She enquires as to his father's situation. Spencer claims that simply being around his father, he learned information that makes him feel ashamed and embarrassed. How does he flee his own family, he wonders. He can't, claims Alexis.

According to Alexis, as Spencer cannot escape his family, he may put himself at a distance from them. She emphasizes that she, Sam, Molly, and Kristina all lead different lives from the family. She advises him to develop his self-identity and stop letting the Cassadines occupy his thoughts. She counsels him to look for the things that make him joyful and alive.

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Dante checks on Cody

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Sam forbids Dante from looking at his phone because it is their night. He says that Cody is alone and he is going to check up on him. He receives a text message out of the blue informing him that he needs to go but will be right back.

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Kristina in support of LGBTQ+ children

The family is still spending time together, and Kristina says she's planning a fundraising effort to support LGBTQ+ children in need. She can do it because her employment allows her to have downtime. Spencer expresses his gratitude to the family for all they have done for him tonight, but he must go somewhere. Later, Alexis tells Kristina that she is delighted for her and is proud of her for doing something that brings her joy.

Gregory, Chase, Finn, and Violet spend the evening together at Finn's home. Chase, however, is still upset with Brook Lynn. He's happy he got out of the gingerbread jam so that BLQ can handle the consequences. Gregory speculates that this is about getting even.

Unwrapping the calendar

Gregory and Chase have a private conversation while Violet and Finn unwrap the advent calendar. He explains to his kid that just because Brook Lynn didn't act morally, it does not follow that he must as well. Dante is the one who knocks on the door. Dante has urgent news to share.

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Dante informs about the case

When Chase enters the room, Dante informs him that the review board will look into his case in the spring. Chase is stunned and unable to comprehend. According to him, Brook Lynn must have tired them out after receiving their letter. Chase is ecstatic. Dante sends him a Christmas greeting before leaving.

Gregory and Finn converse. While Violet loves her aunt, he also understands that his son is in misery. Liz, according to Finn, will always be there in Violet's life. Since tragedy tends to follow him around, Finn thinks he's not cut out for love. Even though Violet has entered Gregory's life, he knows his path has not been easy. Finn is aware of this and would never change it.

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Christmas miracle

After Dante leaves, Chase returns and claims that his ex-partner just performed a Christmas miracle for him. Gregory reads A Night Before Christmas to Violet and Finn after Chase leaves.
This is Curtis' first Christmas with his father in more than 30 years, and they spend it together in their own house, he tells Portia. He gives them both gifts since he believes that this should be commemorated. Marshall receives a jazz record collection, and Portia receives a spa package.

Joss and Trina get some quiet time. Trina reveals that she would tell Rory that she didn't love him when he was attacked while she was meant to be with his family tonight. She says everything because Spencer has captured her heart. Trina sobs, "If he had never met her, Rory would still be here." Rory's death was a tragedy, Joss reminds her, and while she is free to feel whatever she wants about it, the only person responsible is the one who killed Rory. She is also aware that Rory would not want her to take responsibility.

Marshall presents a gift

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In the meantime, Marshall gives Curtis a gift as a surprise. It's an old image of their family around the holidays. He is incredibly appreciative of this second chance with him. Later, the door is rapped on. Spencer appears when Trina answers the call, surprising her.

Joss is driving home on a dark road when she unexpectedly hits the brakes, causing her car to veer sharply.

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Maxie and Austin meet at Plaza

Maxie and Austin cross paths in Rice Plaza. He requests that they set the record straight and decide where they stand. He knows he made a mistake by letting his insecurities rule him.

As Maxie notes, they quickly grew in importance to one another after meeting and experiencing a significant life event together. She claims that fate connected us, yet We're not intended to be, declares Austin. They both concur that it is best for them to part ways. Austin gives a Christmas greeting to Maxie before they embrace. He departs.

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The upcoming episode of General Hospital

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital, Mac offers a tip regarding Rory's murderer. Brook Lynn asks Chase if they can move past this. When Donna tells Sasha that she made a Christmas wish for her, Sasha is taken aback. The murderer is once more on the lam. Esme swears she'll find a method to escape her confinement. Ryan will erupt in glee when Heather tells him something.

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