Fans share their most controversial thoughts on 'Sister Wives

Fans share their most controversial thoughts on 'Sister Wives

Updated on July 31, 2023 18:21 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Throughout 17 seasons, viewers of Sister Wives have witnessed the Brown family collapse before their eyes. The polygamist family initially maintained that their plural marriages worked perfectly, but they have since reversed their position. Enthusiasts of the scandalous tender loving care series are generally in understanding about most things. 

Declaration of the union

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Nevertheless, there are some viewers whose viewpoints are not widely shared. They have recently shouted out about their most dubious perspectives on Sister Spouses and the Earthy-colored family. At the point when Christine Brown declared the finish of her union with Kody, she turned into the defacto star of Sister Spouses.

Devotees of the series were so eager to see somebody free themselves of a disturbed marriage that they set the conventional plural spouse up in place of worship. Christine Brown can do positively for most Sister Spouses fans, no off-base. However, not every person concurs with that feeling. Visit to get some exclusive news.

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The view on the Robyn and Kody

A little gathering of Sister Spouses watchers doesn't see Christine in a sure light. Throughout recent years, a few fans have brought up that Christine is profoundly defective and was certainly not a blameless casualty in her marriage. A couple of watchers even figured Christine would, in any case, be with Kody Brown, assuming she had been getting his actual warmth, paying little mind to how ineffectively he treated their kids.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown have been viewed as Sister Wives' villains for a long time. Most series fans argue that Robyn entered the family intending to cause friction between Kody and his previous three wives. In many cases, she is depicted as manipulative, counterfeit, and egotistical. 

There is no convincing factor

The Brown family's entire dynamic was altered when Robyn joined the family. However, not everyone is convinced that Robyn married Kody Brown to destroy their plural lifestyle. A few fans accept Robyn is disheartened by how everything among Kody and his other three spouses has shaken out.

She might have put the final nail in the coffin of the plural family. A couple of fans accept Kody's different relationships would have separated, paying little mind to how Robyn acted. Undoubtedly, it's a disputable Sister Spouses assessment, yet we can get behind it.

The strong relationship

Fans of Sister Wives have been following the Brown family's plural marriage since 2010. Since scarcely any individuals rehearse plural marriage, watchers normally pinpointed ways of behaving that they saw as odd or contradictory with a solid relationship according to the point of view of additional standard connections and relational peculiarities.

Certainly, all of that happened with the Earthy-colored spouses might be odd to the typical individual. In any case, one Sister Spouses watcher has brought up that the Browns aren't all that special in that frame of mind of the family's religion.

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