Big Brother Season 25 Recap: Heats Up With Brutal Blindside In 3rd Live Eviction

Big Brother Season 25 Recap: Heats Up With Brutal Blindside In 3rd Live Eviction

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Previous Episode Recap

Big Brother Season 25 Recap: Heats Up With Brutal Blindside in 3rd Live Eviction

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Last week, Reilly Smedley was evicted because of what Hisam Goueli orchestrated. He was very confident that his alliance, The Professors, had his back. But behind him, some of houseguests also made an alliance, including Cirie Fields, Izzy Gleicher, and Felicia Cannon, who had turned their sights on him.

Not only that, fans must love when a plan comes together. That certainly happened last week, when a few of Big Brother houseguests pulled off a perfect execution. The situation was set in motion, when the previous Head of Household, Hisam Goueli, began to rub people with his manipulative tactics. But, he had no clue that people also felt that way about him and unfortunately he did not see any plans coming his way.

The Challenge Review

Surprisingly, this week, Felicia became Head of Household after winning a croquet competition, and she has a plan to use Jag Bains and Cameron Hardin, with the intent of back-dooring Hisam Goueli. 

Back to the challenge, the contestants had to cluck like a chicken in order to lay an egg, then have to take back across the slush. Simply, the first person to transport 12 of their eggs was the winner. After a hard and full of fought battle, Jag Bains was won and became the POV. So, he obviously took himself off the chopping block.

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The Toxic Alliance

At the Veto Ceremony, as planned, Jag Bains removed himself and Felicia putting Hisam Goueli up on the block and revealing that it had been part of her plan for the whole time. Hisam Goueli was surprised and did not see this coming. In his mind, he was tight with his alliance, remembering that they had just sided with him during the last eviction.

When Thursday's show started, Hisam Goueli was trying his best to figure out why he had been targeted by his own allies. He was surprised to learn how the other houseguests felt that he was managing them, and he pleaded with Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy to save him, and promised he would work hard to protect them and bring them to the final six with him.

The Eviction Detail

Big Brother Season 25 Recap: Heats Up With Brutal Blindside in 3rd Live Eviction

(The Eviction Detail \ Image Credits: IMDb)

At the end, Cameron and Hisam Goueli made their final arguments to stay. Cameron sweetly told Hisam Goueli that it has been a pleasure sharing the block with him, and told the other houseguests that it has been an incredible week and hope they can continue making memories together. Meanwhile, Hisam Goueli regrettably shared that he was asking for a houseguest vote to stay here and promise to be a loyal friend to the end.

However, despite Hisam Goueli’s best efforts, the houseguests' votes rolled for them, so Hisam Goueli was evicted by a unanimous 12-0 vote. Now, the field is tighter than ever, and all remaining contestants are fighting out in a Pressure Cooker challenge for the next Head of Household competition.

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