Big Brother Season 25 - Contestant Removed for Using N-Word! What Happened Next Will Astound You

Big Brother Season 25 - Contestant Removed for Using N-Word! What Happened Next Will Astound You

Updated on August 11, 2023 16:46 PM by Michael Davis

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Luke Valentine, a contestant on "Big Brother" Season 25, was removed from the show after using a racial slur on a Paramount+ live feed. CBS and Big Brother's producers confirmed the news in a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday.

Description of the Incident

(Description of the Incident:Big Brother Wiki - Fandom)

Valentine's removal came after he was caught using the N-word during a conversation on Paramount+'s live feeds. The moment was captured by a user on Twitter that showed Valentine made a conversation with his housemates, Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger, and Hisam Goueli. After making the racial slur, he laughed and attempted to correct himself with the word “dude” instead.

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Immediate Reactions

The slip-up earned shocking stares from Cory Wurtenberger, and Hisam Goueli. Luke Valentine apologized directly to Jared Fields, who is Black, but the Jared Fields brushed it off and said he didn’t care. Jared Fields is among the five Black houseguests competing on this season including his mother Cirie Fields, Mecole Hayes, Kirsten Elewin, and Felicia Cannon.

Apology and Off-Camera Conversations

Before his removal, in off-camera conversations, Jared Fields and Luke Valentine laugh off the incident and poked fun at their castmates’ strong reactions to the comment. Luke Valentine subsequent apologies with the statement that he should have made Jared Fields feel uncomfortable real quick, like, ‘Whoa, bro. What you just say?’.

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CBS and Producers' Response

(CBS and Producers' Response:Screen Rant)

CBS and Big Brother's producers confirmed the decision to remove Luke Valentine from the house as a consequence of his actions in a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday. The statement said that Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur. He has been removed from the house. His departure will be addressed in Thursday night’s show.

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Controversy and Audience Reaction

Following the moment, fans and viewers instantly went on social media to call for Valentine's removal. Some fans asked production to remove Luke. The shows must set an example and show current and future players that language like that will not be tolerated. They hope that the production actually do the right thing and address Luke Valentine’s comment. The way it so casually came out of his mouth is really upsetting.

Removal from the House

Producers said that Luke Valentine has been removed from the house after at previous time they told to media the decision to remove Luke Valentine from the house as a consequence of his actions.

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Discussion on Race and Sensitivity

(Removal from the

This isn't the first time Big Brother has been embroiled in racial controversy. Last season, reported by Variety, houseguest Kyle Carpenter was evicted from the house after making comments about race. Fans also voiced their anger on social media after micro-aggressions were made against fellow houseguest, and eventual winner, Taylor Hale, who is Black. In a statement to PEOPLE at the time, CBS addressed the backlash and denied that the show's casting was "racially motivated".


Big Brother is a multi-platform reality competition show about a group of people who live in a house for several months with no contact from the outside world. The audience is able to view the show during the multiple weekly broadcasts as well as on the 24/7 live, online stream, which captures unedited content of the contestants unfiltered moments in the House. Sometimes, the houseguests say things that viewers do not condone. Some of the viewers' concerns about inappropriate behavior and offensive comments from the houseguests, and producers have addressed specific incidents with the houseguests involved. However, there is absolutely no truth that the houseguests were racially motivated, that the houseguests’ outcome is controlled in any way.

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