Worthless Tips That Become Trend In TikTok And Dangerous In Many Ways

Worthless Tips That Become Trend In TikTok And Dangerous In Many Ways

Tiktok health trends that you should stay away

Updated on January 21, 2022 15:09 PM by Anthony Christian

The point stated on the stage, in the presence of a huge audience, will reach more people, whether the point may be true or fake. Alike there are more fake factors that are becoming popular when it is stated in the popular platform like TikTok. Not every TikTok users are cleverer to recognize the fake news and risks in tips suggested by some illiterates. Due to the huge usage of TikTok and people who blindly believe the fake trending factors, more aspects become the Health Trends that should be avoided. On this page, you can find some factors which become a trend in TikTok and need to be avoided. 

TikTok Tip That Plan A Trip To Hospital  

Garlic's antimicrobial and antibacterial properties could assist in obtaining health benefits when it is added as a flavor-enhancing factor in food, not while sticking the garlic in the nose. Several TikTokers believe that the stuffy nose and sinuses will be cleared while sticking garlic cloves in the nostrils. But chances for difficult health issues are more while sticking garlic cloves in the nostril due to the natural oil of garlic. In addition to irritation, nasal obstruction, sticking garlic cloves in nostrils can also bring a person to an emergency room.

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Useless Drinking Habit

A TikTok trend states that adding a drop of liquid chlorophyll in water and drinking chlorophyll water will give benefits like detoxing blood, enhancing the immune system, deodorizing sweat glands, and increasing the body's energy level, preventing cancer, cleaning the intestines, and more. But there is no evidence for these kinds of benefits through drinking chlorophyll water. Also, the liquid chlorophyll could cause dermatitis and stomach aches. So breastfeeding and pregnant ladies should avoid these kinds of experiments.

Worthless Weight Loss Tip

One of TikTok's health trends with no scientific evidence is burning fat quicker by consuming coffee added with fresh lemon juice. The acidity level of coffee and lemon juice may cause health problems. It is harmful to consume something unhealthy to lose weight without consulting a professional dietitian.

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Risky Home Remedy

Some people try to remove their moles using vinegar, chemical peels, eyelash glue, and some other useless home remedy due to the TikTok fake tips. Doctors describe that those methods of removing moles are dangerous.

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Tip That Cause More Problems To Teeth

Some TikTok users initiate the trend of dangerous methods of filing uneven teeth using nail files. The nail will grow later after filing. But teeth won’t grow like that. Filing the uneven teeth using fingernails is dangerous as it will cause permanent damages in teeth, nerve damage, problems in enamel's necessary layers, sensitivity, and affect the longevity of teeth.

Don’t Waste Tasty Lettuce

Some TikTok users have been influenced that steeping lettuce in hot water will help sleep well. But there is no exact evidence that scientifically says that steeping lettuce in hot water could help healthy sleep. Though the extract of romaine lettuce is involved in the metabolism of sleep, it is worthless to waste edible and tasty lettuce for falling asleep.

Guzzling Dry Powder Won’t Help To Work Out Well

The popular TikTok trend that says a worthless tip is guzzling the supplement as a dry powder without consuming it as a drink by mixing it in a liquid. The dry powder won’t help to fuel the body and stay hydrated. Hence dry scooping will affect the workout and health. So to acquire the benefits through the healthy ingredients in pre-workout powders, it is important to consume it after mixing it with a liquid.

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