Movies on Mother Teresa

Movies on Mother Teresa

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 Movies on Mother Teresa

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Who is Mother Teresa?

In the 20th century the greatest spiritual giants and the most widely holy person on the planet is Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Mother Teresa famous for her powerful valid Christian charity and also help the poor’s, hungry and sick peoples specially in India.
At birth her parents gave her name Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. But she famous by her name Mother Teresa.
A lot of Movies on Mother Teresa but we discuss some of are:

"Mother Teresa: No Greater Love"

 Movies on Mother Teresa

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The Unique movie of Mother Teresa named "Mother Teresa: No Greater Love" uncovers who Mother Teresa was, like how she particular vision to serve the Christ through the poor with the help of religious order Mother Teresa founded, the Missionaries of Charity.

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About the movie

She taught everyone that there are no expendable people, Supreme Knight Patrick E. Kelly who is the Knights of Columbus said that: " Everybody we experience is made in the picture of God. Thus, when she was taking care of the hungry also help those who lay dying, she helped them as she would the great person in their life. Jesus Christ himself. Furthermore, in this, she was all helping us to have a heart that sees, and if everyone figures out what she did then the world would become unique I would agree, better spot."
The Knights of Columbus produced great documentary which was filmed on five different continents. That gives a window to the live and the services of the Missionaries of Charity, In 1950 in Kolkata India the religious order the saint.
The CEO of Fathom events, Ray Nutt said that "Mother Teresa's mind blowing act of kindness impacted the world,"
he also stated that "We are glad to collaborate with the Knights of Columbus to carry this film to theaters cross country and trust that it cannot just focus a light on this holy person of our times however to change lives all the while."

The movie Mother Teresa and Me

 Movies on Mother Teresa

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The movie Mother Teresa and Me is about the journey of the two ladies in various timelines with an equal story who end up on Kolkata in India. This is about the life, the journey and their passion to achieve what they investigate for. One story of journey is about the Mother Teresa in India and the other is about the A Young British woman of India origin the Kavita.
After being annoyed by the procedures and head to Calcutta She arrives the Deepali (Deepti Naval). who was her mother’s friend to have a break? It is thanks to Deepali that Kavita visits Nirmal Hriday and starts to rethink life. The rest of the story of her is an equal account of the Mother Teresa's struggles in Calcutta and that of a journey of self-disclosure of Kavita. To uncover more would be a bad form.

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