The LSU Star Rejects Jill Biden's Apology For Her White House Invitation

The LSU Star Rejects Jill Biden's Apology For Her White House Invitation

Updated on April 06, 2023 18:55 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Dr. Jill Biden's comments about inviting LSU and losing Iowa to celebrate the championship game at the White House have put an end to Angel Reese's and her teammates' plans to visit the White House anytime soon. During an April 4 appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, the LSU sophomore said, "I don't accept that apology because she said what she said." You cannot go back on certain things you say. 

It should have been attributed to 'sportsmanship,' right? The University of Iowa deserves that spotlight, Angel said. The Obamas will be here soon, speaking of which. We're going to see Michelle. We're going to see Barack, she added with a laugh. 

As a result of its 102-85 victories over the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Louisiana State University Tigers won their first NCAA title on Sunday, April 2. Last year, only the South Carolina Gamecocks were invited to the White House as the championship game-winner.

In The Final Minutes, Reese Made Headlines

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In her interview, she told us it would be different if the roles were reversed. "If we lost, we wouldn't be invited. I remember she said sportsmanship was the reason they should be invited. As a result, Reese made headlines in the closing moments of the game following her flash of a trophy showing a championship ring would be placed on her hand shortly.

In support of her claim, Angel continued, "Stuff like that bothers me... Because you are a woman, after all. It doesn't matter what color you are, you're supposed to stand behind us," so it's hard to ignore it. While I have the platform to speak out right now, I'm thankful to have the support of many people during these tough times.

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Commentary On The Article

When Jill spoke at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver on April 3 and said she would love LSU and Iowa to visit the White House, Angel, the LSU Tigers, and the first lady began the issue with Angel, the LSU Tigers, and the first lady. The champions will visit the White House; we always do. 

She then quoted ESPN's article with the remarks and said it was a joke. I hope LSU will be coming, but I'll tell Joe that Iowa should also attend. According to her press secretary, Vanessa Valdivia, she attempted to explain the meaning behind Jill's comments on Wednesday, April 4.

Getting Ready To Celebrate

According to her, her comments in Colorado were intended to celebrate the historic game and all women's competitors. She looks forward to celebrating the LSU Tigers at the White House after they win the national championship. On the same day, Iowa's coach Lisa Bluder expressed appreciation to Jill but politely declined the offer. 

As much as I appreciate the First Lady's sentiments, I believe LSU and Coach Mulkey should be the only ones to receive a day at the White House. At any time, Iowa's 'House' — Carver-Hawkeye Arena — is open to the First Lady and President!" she tweeted

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