Outer Banks Star Reflects on Final Episode with 'Poetic' Words

Outer Banks Star Reflects on Final Episode with 'Poetic' Words

Updated on March 01, 2023 15:15 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Even though Ward mostly served as an adversary of the Pogues during his three-season run, this provided him a final moment of redemption. In addition, Big John (Charles Halford) died shortly after the season ended, making him not the only patriarch to pass away. 

Aside from discussing the season's multiple alternate endings, Esten also expressed his thoughts on John B and Sarah's father passing in the same episode, why this was the right time to depart, what he has heard of season four and how he feels about playing a role so different from the one he played on ABC's Nashville.

Do you think Ward evolved in season three

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This has been very satisfying to me because it is unusual for a villain to be given an emotional arc. However, from the very beginning, they put it in the lines, and they let me run wild with it, and I was able to show the other side of Ward that might convince people that he's not so evil (laughs) — where they might even see a human underneath.

As a result, I was very pleased to explore that, but I also understood it because Ward had everything — gold, cross, he had escaped by the end of season two. As soon as he recovered, he was victorious. Meanwhile, the Pogues had nothing — the shirts on their backs, and they were on a deserted island. And they had everything.

Leaving the horrible memories behind

It is because they have each other. To me, it is the family that Ward has always been fighting for that I find the real treasure of the series. We are all chasing the gold, but the results are that they walk away with that, while Ward has nothing. In addition, he's walking away with the horrible memories of choking his daughter with his hands.

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