How To Enjoy Tiny Desk Concerts From Home

How To Enjoy Tiny Desk Concerts From Home

Updated on August 16, 2023 18:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Tiny Desk Concerts are a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR music at the desk of ALL SONGS CONSIDERED host BOB BOILEN in Washington, D.C andit shows different artists playing their songs with minimal equipment and maximum passion and you can watch it online for free and enjoy the music and the stories behind it. In this article you will know about the history and evolution of TINY DESK CONCERT,its contest and some tips and tricks on how to enjoy training tests and this concert from home.

History and Evolution

How To Enjoy Tiny Desk Concerts From Home

( History and Evolution/ Image Credits: WBEZ)

Tiny desk concerts started in 2008 when BOB BOILEN and NPR Music editor STEPHEN THOMPSON were frustrated that they could not hear the music of singer LAURA GIBSON over the crowd noise and Boilen arrangedfor herto perform at Boilen Desk after a month and he recorded it and posted it online.Its name comes from 1970s psychedelic dance band of Boilen with name TINY DESK UNIT and the series has grown to include more than 800 concerts viewed a collective 2 billion times on YouTube.Some of the artists who have performed at the desk include Adele, Taylor Swift, Lizzo, BTS , Billie Eilish and many more PDS when you’re young and many mode and the series have also launched TINY DESK KOREA in 2023 which is the first time its concerts are adapted as TV shows outside North America.

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Tiny Desk Contest

How To Enjoy Tiny Desk Concerts From Home

( Tiny Desk Contest/ Image Credits: NPR)

It invites famous artists to perform at the desk and also hosts an annual contest that gives a chance to unknown artists to show their talent. TINY DESK CONTEST started in 2014 andmusicians submit a video one of their songsand a jury of musicians and NPR staff choose a winner who gets to play a TINY DESK CONCERT and go on a tour with NPR MUSIC. The contest receives more than 6000 submissions every year from different genres and backgrounds.

Tips and Tricks

Watching TINY DESK CONCERTS from home can be a great way to enjoy music and discover new artists. You can enjoy it from home by finding them online on NPR MUSIC website or YouTube channel, by creating playlist, by interacting with other fans and by supporting the artists. You can also vote for your favorite contestant in TINY DESK CONTEST or submit your own video if you are a musician.


Tiny Desk Concerts are a wonderful way to enjoy music and learn about the artists and their stories and also a way to celebrate the creativity of the music industry and the NPR MUSIC team.

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