Do you want to know if Netflix's Wednesday is safe for kids?

Do you want to know if Netflix's Wednesday is safe for kids?

Updated on December 21, 2022 17:01 PM by Anna P

In Nevermore, Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams, a teenager whose parents expel her from yet another school before they meet and fall in love at the boarding school. Nevermore is a school of outcasts, so Wednesday is sure to fit in, but Wednesday doesn't like to conform.

In the nearby town of Jericho, Wednesday realizes there may be a monster on the loose connection to Nevermore when a series of killings and deaths occur. She discovers more secrets as she digs deeper into the mystery. Some content on Wednesday may be unsuitable for children under 14 because it contains fear, language, and violence.

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For young children, this movie is too frightening.

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Among Wednesday's violent and frightening scenes are jump scares, which could make the movie too terrifying for young children. In a swimming pool, Wednesday releases piranhas to kill classmates. In scenes shown, severed heads, legs, and arms are shown. There is also a monster on the loose that mauls people, leaving them unrecognizable. 

As a prank, teens make it look like blood is all over the place by chaining people to the ground and setting the house on fire. It contains some gory and bloody scenes. Close-up shots of the monster's face make me feel uneasy. Witchcraft and dark magic play an important role in several scary and intense scenes.

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Drama series on Netflix for teens

When Nevermore's outcasts are transformed into werewolves, sirens, and hydes, several scary and intense scenes involve these things. There's something dreadful about Wednesday, a Netflix teen drama series. However, it could have been a lot darker. To summarize, Wednesday is not kid-friendly for young kids but should be reserved for teens and tweens. 

There is violence, murder, and death in the show, along with some gore and intense scenes. She has deadpanned delivery and wit that makes this series a delight. One of my classmates says Wednesday Addams isn't the girl of dreams, and she's the stuff of nightmares. Fans of The Addams Family may disagree that Wednesday was not dark enough, or perhaps the theme song to the show needed to be spooky enough to satisfy them.

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The show is certainly entertaining

While not overboard with the dark side, this show is a great choice for young adults and teens who like drama. Wednesday is a dark, but not too dark, series, mostly aimed at teens. It influences Tim Burton, but it's also relatable for kids who don't fit in. There's nothing kooky about this, but it certainly makes for an entertaining family movie night.

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