The ARMY Is In Splits when J-Hope Calls SUGA His 'Sister-In-Law

The ARMY Is In Splits when J-Hope Calls SUGA His 'Sister-In-Law

Updated on March 17, 2023 13:01 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The BTS member Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope, is heading to the military soon. After Kim Seokjin, aka Jin, J-Hope will join the military soon. He released a new song called On The Street, collaborating with rap legend J Cole.

Fan questions Jungkook's emotional state

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Jung Hoseok came on Weverse to talk with ARMYs about On The Street, his highest-charting song in the UK. J-Hope's previous works have been discovered because of On The Street's success.

SUGA fan girl Min Yoongi aka Yoongi's wife, introduced herself on stage. Jung Hoseok, in good spirits, replied in the form of my sister-in-law. We know Jungkook has been slaying in his life. It appears J-Hope read comments in which fans questioned Jungkook's emotional state.

Visiting Indonesia on a tour

It is known that Min Yoongi, aka SUGA, is the embodiment of marriage in BTS. He says he is unaware that he cried. However, he says he is a strong boy and will be able to recover quickly if he is depressed.

SUGA, aka Min Yoongi, will be doing a tour in Indonesia and the US very shortly. His preparations for the tour have already begun. Fans have been kept busy throughout the process.

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