Breaking News: Emmy Awards Put on Hold Due to SAG and WGA Strike

Breaking News: Emmy Awards Put on Hold Due to SAG and WGA Strike

Updated on August 01, 2023 14:10 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The prestigious Emmy Awards, celebrating excellence in television, may face a significant delay this year due to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike this year. According to a report from Variety, the Television Academy, and the show's broadcast, Fox is at odds over rescheduling the 75th annual iconic television awards. This article delves into the reasons behind the potential postponement and its implications for the entertainment industry.

The Disagreement Over Rescheduling

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The Television Academy, responsible for organizing the Emmy Awards, proposed holding the event in November, two months later than the traditional air date of September 18. Their rationale was to give sufficient time for the labor issues with the unions to be resolved by then. However, Fox, the broadcasting network of the Emmy Awards, has a different approach. They are advocating for a more aggressive strategy to push the ceremony back to January 2024.

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The Importance of the 75th Anniversary

The Television Academy and Fox recognize the significance of the Emmy Awards' 75th anniversary and unanimously agree against canceling the event. This milestone makes the ceremony even more unique, and they are keen on finding a solution that respects its historical value.

Potential Impact on the Entertainment Industry

If the proposed rescheduling dates resolve the strikes, the Emmy Awards could become the first major award show to air after signing new contracts for actors and writers. This prospect adds an extra layer of importance to the event, as it would serve as a platform to celebrate the industry's renewed stability and creativity.

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Fox's Concerns Over November

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Fox's hesitancy to settle on a November date is understandable. The month is already packed with various high-profile events and lucrative NFL games, making it a challenging time for the network to attract the desired viewership and attention.

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The Probable Date for the Rescheduled Show

The most likely date for the rescheduled Emmy Awards, as reported by Variety, is January 21. This date is a suitable compromise, as January 7 is reserved for the Golden Globes, and the Critics' Choice Awards will take place on January 14. Holding the Emmys on January 21 would avoid clashing with other major industry events.

Nominations Announcement and Its Significance

Despite the potential postponement, the Emmy nominations are expected to be announced on schedule. The presenters will likely mention the previously scheduled September 18 date but might downplay its significance due to the ongoing labor issues.

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The Emmy Awards, an essential event in the entertainment industry, is facing the possibility of postponement due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Both the Television Academy and Fox are determined to find a suitable resolution that honors the ceremony's 75th anniversary while accommodating the demands of the labor unions. As the industry eagerly awaits a resolution to the strikes, rescheduling the Emmys to January 2024 could mark a significant moment for actors, writers, and the entire entertainment community.


Will the Emmy Awards be canceled?

No, the Television Academy and Fox are committed to holding the event despite the strikes, as it marks the 75th anniversary of the Emmy Awards.

What is the proposed rescheduling date for the Emmy Awards?

The most likely date for the rescheduled Emmy Awards is January 21, 2024.

Why is Fox against a November date for the Emmy Awards?

Fox has concerns that November is already crowded with other significant events and lucrative NFL games, which could impact viewership and attention.

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