A naughty scene in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet led stars to sue Paramount Studios for child abuse

A naughty scene in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet led stars to sue Paramount Studios for child abuse

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Before December 31, there had been numerous complaints that the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America were being sued. As part of the settlement, the statute of limitations was temporarily suspended for previous claims of child sexual abuse.
A lawsuit filed by Hussey and Whiting, now in their 70s, accuses Paramount of exploiting them and distributing naked images of adolescents. A lawsuit alleges that Zeffirelli, who died in 2019, assured both actors that the film would not contain nudity and that they would be wearing flesh-colored undergarments in the bedroom scene.

Photographs of the film would not be taken

During the filming, the director allegedly instructed Hussey and Whiting to perform naked in makeup, "or the picture will fail." Hussey and Whiting were 15 at the time. Zeffirelli assured them that the nudity in the film would not be photographed or released in the complaint and showed them where the camera would be positioned.
According to the lawsuit, Whiting and Hussey were filmed naked without their knowledge, but he was being dishonest. According to Tony Marinozzi, the actors' business managers, "What they were told was different from what happened." They trusted Franco when they were 16. At 16, as actors, they trusted him that he wouldn't violate their trust.

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As a result of their fame, they became

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The complaint alleges that Hussey and Whiting suffered mental and emotional distress since the film was released 55 years ago and that job opportunities have been deprived of them. After "Romeo and Juliet," Hussey and Whiting only had limited acting careers.
In an interview, the actor's attorney, Solomon Green, said naked images of minors are illegal and shouldn't be shown. Young and naive children had no idea what would happen, so it was difficult for them. Suddenly, they became famous at a level they didn't expect, and they were violated in a way they couldn't handle.

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Organizations that receive complaints

 According to Hussey, no one her age had ever done something like that before, and Zeffirelli shot the scene well. Paramount has yet to respond to my request for comment. According to an interview with Fox News in 2018, she said that nudity was a "taboo" scene in American cinema at the time but that it was already common in European cinemas.

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