What Happened During Fire Wilmore's Audition On American Idol 21

What Happened During Fire Wilmore's Audition On American Idol 21

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During the audition for American Idol season 21, Fire Wilmore took the stage. The 22-year-old single mom hails from Oklahoma. According to the show, this contestant has had a hard life. As a single mother with a four-year-old daughter, Wilmore fell into the shackles of exotic dancing due to her mother's drug addiction. All Wilmore wants is to be free of the shackles, save her daughter, and build a better life for her.

Katy Perry's request for Fire Wilmore

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The Fire Wilmore's American Idol 21 audition on Sunday shocked everyone, while a few criticized it for being completely staged. Read on to find out how the audition went. The fifth week ended of auditions for Season 21, Fire Wilmore was the final contestant. While the judges were not entirely satisfied with Fire's performance of Bruno Mars' Talking to the Moon, Katy Perry requested Fire to embrace her full voice instead of sliding into falsetto. However, Perry was the only judge willing to accept Fire.

How did Fire Wilmore perform during her audition

When Fire Wilmore's daughter announced that she had found the Golden Ticket, which she had taken from the wall, Katy Perry comforted her by stating that she would find it somehow. Wilmore's daughter announced that she had discovered it. This incident provided Fire with a Nashville audition chance 2nd time. The distraught mother asked her daughter to return the item to the wall. Although some people considered the situation heartbreaking, others thought it was staged.

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