Watch Tom And Ariana Sandoval's Post-Affair Fight From Vanderpump Rules

Watch Tom And Ariana Sandoval's Post-Affair Fight From Vanderpump Rules

Updated on March 21, 2023 13:14 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The trailer for Bravo's season 10 midseason show has finally caught up with Scandoval. In it, Bravo gives viewers an inside look at Tom Sandoval's affair with Raquel Leviss, which lasted months. In the preview, Tom and Ariana Madix discuss their breakup, which occurred earlier this month, in an extremely emotional manner.

Reminiscing About His Nine-Year Relationship

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A dramatic preview shows Tom, 40, reflecting upon his nine-year relationship with his partner, revealing that they only have sex four times a year. Upon hearing this, Ariana, 37, replied, "I cannot have sex with someone who feels like a stranger to me." Tom's tears over the scandal are not enough for Arianna, who tells Tom he doesn't deserve a single tear.

Tom asks Arianna if she wants anything, and she replies, "For you to die." Arianna lets Tom know what she feels about her cheating. The clip ends with Raquel saying, "I don't f--king regret our relationship," although it's unclear whether she refers to Tom or her season 10 make-out with Katie Maloney's ex Tom Schwartz.

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Separation After Nine Years Due To Allegations

There's no denying that Ariana is shocked about the Tom-Raquel news. Scheana Shay breaks down in tears at one point in the video. This is a full-blown love affair. My heart is filled with rage. In the trailer below, you'll get a first glimpse of Scandoval's drama. 

Tom and Ariana split after nine years following allegations that TomTom co-founder Raquel had been having an affair with her. Both Tom and Raquel, 28, apologized publicly to Ariana after the allegations surfaced, with her finally breaking her silence last month.

Thanking Friends On Instagram

The reality star posted an Instagram message thanking friends, family, and people she has never met in the last two weeks for their love and support. I have felt like I could barely stand, but you all have given me the strength to keep going and have kept me going through my darkest moments.

It's an understatement to say that I'm devastated and broken. However, I'm not the only one suffering from this betrayal. My closest friends are grieving the same thing as me right now. The support system is the best in the world, and I hope to be able to repay everyone for their love. Anything that doesn't kill me better run.

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