Breaking The Silence On Her Split From Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix

Breaking The Silence On Her Split From Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix

Updated on March 17, 2023 10:43 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval Breakup | In her first public statement, Ariana Madix reveals that she separated from Tom Sandoval. As part of her Instagram break, the Vanderpump Rules cast member shared a recent photo of herself with a lengthy caption, breaking her silence. "Where do I begin?" Ariana wrote in response to his question, and I appreciate all your love and support; thank you so much. I have received from family, friends, and strangers in the last two weeks."

Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Split

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The strength you have given me had helped me push through my darkest hours, even when I thought I could not go on. As she continued, she said I had been devastated and broken to the core, but Ariana Madix knew she was not the only one going through this. I know that many of my close friends are grieving this loss and reeling from this betrayal as well. Thank you for the best support system I have ever had, and I hope to repay every single person for all your love. I am so f--king grateful. It is better to run than to die, Ariana concluded.

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Apology To Ariana Madix

Two weeks after Ariana and Tom broke up after nearly a decade together, the Instagram message follows. Two separate statements have since been issued by him addressing his role in the split, one of which apologized to Ariana, Tom Schwartz, and their business partners for any anger or disappointment he had caused, and the other an apology to Ariana. During his first public statement on March 7, Tom wrote: I can only imagine how devastating this must have been for Ariana and all those around her. I feel terrible about that, he said. I regret disappointing so many people, including Ariana's family and friends.

Cast Member's Reaction To The Couple's Split

There have been several reactions to the split among Vander pump Rules cast members. Her first statement was released on March 8, which began, I apologize to Ariana, my friends, and the fans who are so devoted to our relationship for my actions and choices. As a result, I deeply regret hurting Ariana, and there is no excuse. I am not a victim; I must own my actions and have no excuses. As part of her ongoing self-improvement program, Raquel is undergoing counseling to "understand herself" and take healthier steps forward. 

After sharing this statement on Instagram later that same day, Raquel said that she must take care of her health, work on her development, and be okay with being alone. I focus on Tom, and I'm not interested in labeling anything or predicting what lies ahead. I need to heal right now. Fans got an update from Katie Maloney on how her friend is doing in the above video as Ariana continues to heal.

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