The You Season 4 Finale, Part 2: A Breakdown

The You Season 4 Finale, Part 2: A Breakdown

Updated on March 11, 2023 13:05 PM by Andrew Koschiev

A violent stalker does not do anything other than, you know, stalk people, so we were not surprised when Joe Goldberg's European vacation came to a sudden end. It was Joe's admission in the first episode of the new Netflix series that he wasn't the best romantic in history. He admitted that he could have had a more impressive track record. As per usual, his heart wasn't in sync with his head. The right thing is in my heart. 

Once Joe befriended a group of British socialites, his persona of bad guy turned good guy and came crashing down. He suffered a bout of stress-induced psychosis as he experienced one murder after another. Several people were accused of the "Eat the Rich" killer, but Joe discovered he was the culprit all along. So much for trying to change! Oh, and Marianne? She also got dragged into it.

The couple moves to New York

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When Joe left for London, The Cut published an article claiming his ex-wife, Love, murdered him in a murder-suicide. The new story frames him as the victim. A bit of reframing, and a little persuasion, convinces Kate to say that Joe survived the attack and eventually met her in London under a new name. It's a sweet story! But you have to remember that Joe left the states due to killing Love, not the other way around. As Joe's press tour continues, the couple tells a reporter they plan to "change the world."

The Escape of Marianne

One of Joe's students finds Marienne during his psychosis and helps her fake her death. In his psychosis, Joe kidnaps Marienne and locks her in a giant box. As soon as Joe disposes of her body, Marienne wakes up and flees to Paris to find her daughter. The time jump lets Marianne discover Joe has gone back to New York without attracting anyone's attention. 

According to Tati Gabrielle, who plays Marianne, her character has sharp survival instincts, according to an interview with InStyle. From the beginning, I was very interested in making sure Joe's previous obsessions were a bit less unaware of certain things, and I wanted to ensure that Marianne retained the traits that naturally come with being a Black woman as she steps into this world.

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