The Master's Win Was Celebrated By Jon Rahm And His Wife, Kelley Cahill

The Master's Win Was Celebrated By Jon Rahm And His Wife, Kelley Cahill

Updated on April 10, 2023 15:35 PM by Andrew Koschiev

During his win at the Masters on Sunday, April 9, Jon Rahm, 28, was congratulated by his gorgeous wife, Kelley Cahill. Kelley, 27, joined the Spanish sports star on Augusta golf course after securing his first Silver Cup! The family's son Kepa, who turned two on Wednesday, was also present to witness the amazing achievement. 

Jon and Kelley also have a son, Eneko, who was born in August. Jon previously said he isn't too concerned with ranking, even though he ranked third in the Official World Golf Rankings before the tournament. According to Sky Sports, he admitted after January's American Express tournament, "I don't care if I don't get to No. 1 at this point.

Awaiting The Wedding With The Most Excitement

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In my last nine starts, I have won five of them. I don't need a ranking to prove anything to me. My season is the best of my life, and I hope it continues." A student-athlete at Arizona State, Jon, and Kelley met in 2018, engaged in 2018, and later married in Spain in December 2019. 

Jon told Golf Channel what he was most excited about before the wedding. That first moment of seeing her walk down the aisle will be one of the things I'm most looking forward to when the doors open, and First time seeing her walk down the aisle.

Family And Friends In A Large Group

Kelley seems to keep a low profile, as her Instagram account is set to private, even though she said I do in front of a huge group of family and friends at that ceremony. But while we congratulate them on their big win, we'd like to highlight that she appears to keep a low profile through her Instagram account.

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