'RRR' Star Jr NTR Says Shooting 'Naatu Naatu' Hurt His Legs

'RRR' Star Jr NTR Says Shooting 'Naatu Naatu' Hurt His Legs

Updated on March 11, 2023 18:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

According to the superstar Jr NTR, the steps from the film 'RRR" number 'Naatu Naatu' were not particularly difficult, but the sync was challenging. In addition, he and Ram Charan have practised for over three hours every day to prepare for the song, which still hurts his legs.

A song-shooting experience

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A question was asked to Jr NTR: When is there a point when this film crosses all borders and is adored throughout the world? As the actor reacted, "We didn't know. I have been telling everyone about the experience of shooting that song. My legs are still sore."

There were a few steps, but the sync was tougher. The song was rehearsed on set a week before we shot for that song. We had to practice every day for three hours. We had to practice it while shooting that song. we practised it on set as well." The purpose of it was only synchronization."

The world's largest film festival

Oscar nominations have been made for him. How does that feel? A smile spread across Jr NTR's face as he replied: What else could an actor or a director want to be part of the biggest celebration of cinema worldwide, the Academy Awards? Rather than attend the red carpet as an actor, Jr NTR will attend as an Indian.

On that day. We won't walk as RRR actors. I won't walk as I do in the Indian film industry. I'll walk on the carpet carrying my nation with pride." In March, S.S. Rajamouli's 'RRR' will take part in the 95th Academy Awards, with the livewire track 'Naatu Naatu' being nominated in the Best Original Song category. The 80th Golden Globe Awards awarded M. M. Keeravani's song for the first time to a singer who is either Indian or Asian. 

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