RRR is returning to the US theaters before the Oscars

RRR is returning to the US theaters before the Oscars

Updated on February 28, 2023 11:50 AM by Andrew Koschiev

RRR is about to make history again, with its largest screening set to happen in U.S. theaters. Ace Hotel in  Los Angeles is about to host the event with the crew of RRR director S.S Rajamouli, music composer M.M. Keeravani, and actor Ram Charn will be hosting the event. 

Though the film was released worldwide and ran successfully, it is set to be rereleased in over 200 theaters in the United States before the moves make their way into the Oscar ceremony

RRR, apart from getting many awards in Indian award functions, has bagged multiple International awards. The “Naatu Naatu” song by composer M. M . Keeravani is nominated as one of the original songs at the Oscars. The movie has also won the First Golden Globe award for best song. Let us not forget about the New York Film Critics Award won by the movie for Best direction. 

In its run for the Oscars, the movie is getting re-released again on March 3rd. The entire team is marching on the red carpet for the Oscars, and it will be an eye-catcher.

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RRR Crew in the U.S

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We have M.M. Keeravani and lyricist Chandra Bose, S.S. Rajamouli, and Ram Charan in New York, preparing for the re-release event. Ram Charan did a recent interview on the Good Morning Show and is on his way to LA for the release. With Jr NTR caught in a haywire, we can expect his visit soon to U S for the Oscars.

Directors and his Oscar dream

As disappointing as it might sound, RRR is not the first movie to make it to the Oscars. Though SS Rajamouli earlier stated in his interview with news sources, “RRR is not the first movie to enter the Oscars, and I do feel bad about it. But we are not the kind of people to sit around and brood about a thing that has happened already. Though mine is not the first movie, we have an Indian film (Chhello Show/The Last Film Show) running for the Oscars and I am happy about it.” He said, "Many are anticipating the RRR might win the show today. Yet I am unsure about it and cannot comment on it. As it purely depends on the committee and the rules they have to follow.”

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