Ranked 90-Day Fiancé Couples with Large Age Gaps in 2022

Ranked 90-Day Fiancé Couples with Large Age Gaps in 2022

Updated on December 09, 2022 14:48 PM by Michael Davis

Many of the 90-Day Fiancé couples formed in 2022, which is why the franchise is so popular. The franchise couples became more shocking and tumultuous as the series progressed, but their love and genuineness remained.

As a result of the 15-year age gap between the 90-Day Fiancé couple and their cultural differences, viewers believe Mohamed wished only for a Green Card. The couple separated months after they got married, confirming these theories.

Large age gaps in the relationship became a major red flag at one point. However, the franchise continues to attract more couples, even though they have overlapped by at least ten years. The couple from 2022 has some of the largest age gaps.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

(Image Credits: Us Weekly)
  • Comparing Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh to other couples in the franchise shows that they are one of the most docile.
  • Their 10-year relationship has yet to earn Sumit's parents' approval, which is also a major source of tension between them.
  • Jenny's immigration lawyer, struggling to believe their relationship, was hard-pressed to believe this couple's 30-year age gap.
  • Although they have a large age gap, their history together indicates that they are one of the few couples able to thrive.

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Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown

(Image Credits: Insider)
  • It is widely believed that the large age gap between Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods has played a role in their troubled relationship.
  • Even though his daughter, Tiffany Brown, and Liz are two years apart, Big Ed's mom and daughter aren't supportive of their relationship.
  • Liz is often subject to jealousy, possessiveness, and control from Big Ed. Liz says she gets her only break from Big Ed when she goes to the gym.

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Kimberley and Umar Menzies

(Image Credits: Showbiz cheat sheet)
  • Kimberly Menzies' relationship with Usman "Sojaboy" Umar often confuses viewers, as does his preference for older American women.
  • "Baby Girl" Lisa Hamme was 21 years senior to him when he divorced her, and he returned to the franchise to find new love.
  • Their first appearance on the franchise led to them getting engaged after appearing together twice.
  • Their age of Kimberly, however, prevents her from having any more children. Alternatively, Usman may adopt his nephew or take on a second wife.

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