Jasmine Pineda Won Fans Over Instagram Content In 2022

Jasmine Pineda Won Fans Over Instagram Content In 2022

Updated on December 09, 2022 14:46 PM by Dhinesh

Jasmine Pineda is a dramatic and renowned addition to the franchise of 90-day Fiancé, who enjoyed victorious Instagram content in 2022. She is the partner of Gino Palazzolo, who joined the long 90DF franchise at the end of 2021, though she adores her sizzling personality.   

Most fan-followers of 90-day Fiancé admire Jasmine for turning back to the franchise. She arrived with her to-be husband, Gino, at the Fiancé, Season 5 of ‘Before the 90 Days’. She was shown as an inconsistent personality who was controlling and jealous. 

Though, she has soon unveiled her heart of gold and makes it a bit clear that she is in love with Gino. Despite a bouncy road, Jasmine and Gino lived together after ending their season. Many viewers get ahead to discover the duo who will make a good return to the franchise.

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Jasmine shared happy life Updates with Gino

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The couple, Jasmine and Gino, are planning to get married with a K-1 visa, and Jasmine is set to move from Panama and resides with Gino in the United States. She has shared various happy life updates with her followers this year once she found fame and love through the 90-day Fiancé franchise. 

Her Instagram text: 
Jasmine returned with triumphant content in March while sharing an amazing photo of herself with inspirational writing, ‘Learn from your past though don’t dwell in it. 

She wrote as if she had learned some lessons. Her inspiring text won the social media gap and was victorious in getting back into the public eye. One admiring fan wrote, ‘Jasmine you are so gorgeous and such a kind soul. I absolutely love who you are. I hope you have a beautiful life moving ahead.

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90-day star Jasmine Pineda Ends The Year boldly 

Jasmine finally managed to retain her popularity among the fans of 90-day Fiancé. She regained the relationship with Gino also. She shared an exciting series of short videos and selfies at the end of November, in which she exposed herself as healthy, happy, glowing, and confident as she appeared on ‘Before the 90 days

Another of her fans posted, ‘The hair and the teeth look amazing. You look so stunning and healthy all through the first pic.’ Jasmine succeeded in winning the hearts of several fans along with pursuing a healthy living with Gino! 

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