NewJean’s EP Debuts at No. 1, Lizzo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, and Many More!

NewJean’s EP Debuts at No. 1, Lizzo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, and Many More!

Updated on August 05, 2023 12:20 PM by Andrew Koschiev

(NewJean’s EP Debuts at No. 1, Lizzo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, and Many More! Image Credits: Variety)

Phenomenal news recently showed up in the media, from the responds by Lizzo to the sexual harassment lawsuit by three of her dancers to him, but Lizzo just calls them ‘false allegations’ and ‘sensationalized stories’, and news about NewJeans’s EP ‘Get Up’ debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, into announced new Era Tour dates in the U.S. and Canada for 2024.from Taylor Swift! 

Lizzo's Response to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit 

Lizzo has shokingly responded to allegations that she contributed to a hostile work environment fraught with sexual harassment, several days after her three former dancers (Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez) filed a lawsuit detailing their claims about their harassment experience that Lizzo allegedly pressured them to engage with nude performers in Amsterdam earlier this year. In those lawsuit, they also said that they as dancers were put on more extreme rules than other performers of the tour. But, Lizzo defends and called the women's claims as ‘false allegations’ and ‘sensationalized stories’.

Reported by CBS News, Arianna Davis, one of the dancers, said that when on tour in Amsterdam, the performers went to a show in the red light district, and got pressured with Noelle Rodriguez to interact with a nude performer, they constrained to did it because fear of losing her job. But again, Lizzo denial and said that she usually chosed to not respond a false allegations but these sensationalized stories are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional. So, she declared that sometimes she has to make hard decisions but it's never makes anyone feel uncomfortable or like they aren't valued as an important part of the team.

Another controversy came from Arianna Davis’s claims that at one point during the tour, Lizzo had expressed to her that she was worried about her because she had gained weight. Arianna Davis judges that statement of Lizzo is a form of a very nuanced fat-shaming. But again and again, Lizzo denied those claims and said that there is nothing she takes more seriously than the respect of women in the world because she knows what it body shamed feels. So, she would absolutely never criticize or terminate an employee because of their weight.

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NewJean's EP Debut at No. 1

( NewJean's EP Debut at No. 1 Image Credits: Variety)

NewJeans debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart in just over a year following Blackpink's Born Pink album in September 2022. NewJeans and Blackpink are the girl groups that have made it to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the last 15 years. This achievement is very impactful for the music industry, especially Korea’s music industry who growed up earlier.

The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week in the US based on multimetric consumption as measured in album-equivalent units, compiled by Luminate. The ‘Get Up’ album from NewJeans is mostly in Korean, but includes some English lyrics. It is the 20th non-English language album who reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Although ‘Get Up’ was NewJeans's first album who charted on the Billboard 200 chart, NewJeans recorded three songs entries before the album's release on the US-based Billboard Hot 100 chart, including ‘Super Shy’, which climbed to new chart No. 48.

Other News in the Music Industry

Besides the news about Lizzo’s responds and Newjeans’s EP debut, the media is.bustled with other news from Taylor Swift and Cardi B. 

Taylor Swift has extended her Eras Tour once again. On Thursday, August 3, Taylor Swift announced that she would be adding dates in the US and Canada in 2024. In June, she announced additional international dates with plans to perform in Europe, Asia, and Australia in 2024. After a break in December and January, the tour will resume in Tokyo, Japan, and will continue with stops in any major cities. At the end, she will wrap up that portion of the tour with two final shows in London in August 2024.

Move to Cardi B, Cardi B shocked the media. Cardi B chucked her mic into the crowd during a recent performance at Las Vegas’ Drai’s Beachclub in because her outrage to a fan who splashed water in her face. Now, the mic is up for auction on eBay, and the highest bid is closing in on $90,000. Posted on eBay, the mic is currently in the possession of Scott Fisher, owner of The Wave, the audio production company used by Drai’s. According to Fisher’s listing, proceeds from the sale will be given to charity.

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Public Reaction’s For Lizzo and NewJeans

(Public Reaction’s For Lizzo and NewJeans Image Credits: Variety)

The news about Lizzo’s responds and Newjeans’s EP debut is built any reaction from public. Besides the proud of public to NewJeans who can boost up Korean’s music industry because their EP debuted in billboard, public was very disheartening to read and look at Lizzo’s lawsuit remembered that she stands for in regards to women’s empowerment such being an advocate for mental health, being an advocate for body positivity, and to just further prove that that’s not the case, because nothing was acknowledged in her statement.


In the end, from the billboard news recently about celebrity controversy and music industry, such Lizzo’s lawsuit, NewJeans’s EP debut, until the auctioning mic of Cardi B. We can looked from the news that every attitude or achievements by the public figure it is affected to their public image.

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