The Celebration Tour Of Madonna: Will Britney Spears Accompany Her?

The Celebration Tour Of Madonna: Will Britney Spears Accompany Her?

Updated on August 25, 2023 16:00 PM by Emma Alice

(The Celebration Tour Of Madonna: Will Britney Spears Accompany Her?/Image Credits:K 104.7)

Madonna celebrated her 65th birthday in Lisbon, Portugal, last week and now she is getting back to rehearsals for her tour. Reportedly, she wants Britney Spears to accompany her on the ‘Celebration Tour’ onstage.

Resuming the tour

The queen of pop, Madonna is planning to get on this celebration tour by October. Previously, she had to cancel her tour due to ‘serious bacterial infection’ that has resulted in her being hospitalized for over a month. A secret source has revealed that her plan to ask Britney to join her on tour is a way to please her fans about the delay in the tour.
It was also reported that Madonna had previously exhausted herself in the preparation of the tour. She was found unconscious in her home in New York. Thankfully, within a month, she recovered from the deadly infection that could potentially take her life. Her children and fans supported her through her recovery, and she also posted a video of her taking all the people who supported her at her lowest times.

Madonna's Recovery

Why does Madonna want Britney to join her on tour? Both Madonna and Britney have been friends for a long time. They even famously shared a kiss during their 2003 performance. An insider has clarified, ‘Madonna originally wanted Britney to join her on tour this year. Everything was pushed back because of her illness, but she still wants Britney to join her at the Kia Forum.’
Kia arena will be the greatest hit tour for Madonna that is due to be played in Inglewood, California in March 2024. The sources even said that Madonna particularly desired to celebrate their 20th anniversary at Kia Forum, with her friend, Britney, for their hit collaboration of ‘Me Against the Music’ that was released in 2003.

Britney Spears became single

(Britney Spears became single/Image Credits:The New York Times)

Britney Spears recently became single as she faced ill-fate from her wedding with Sam Asghari in 2022. Sam filed for divorce on 16 August 2023, putting an end to their relationship due to irreconcilable differences.Britney a.k.a. The prince joined Madonna onstage in 2008 for the ‘Sticky and Sweet Tour.’ Since then, there has been no collaboration between the two friends. This tour was a year after she gave divorce to her second husband Kevin Federline, with whom she has two sons.

Although the singer hasn’t made any performance in public since 2018, a source has uncovered her plan for a new release. It has been reported that Britney will be releasing her new music ‘The Woman in Me,’ an autobiography of the singer by 24 October.Madonna said she will be preparing with her crew in London for the greatest hit tours, happening on October 14, at O2 arena.

They added: “Madonna’s entire tour crew are heading to London in the last week of September to start rehearsing in Brixton.

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