Madonna jokes about swelling after surgery in the new look

Madonna jokes about swelling after surgery in the new look

Updated on February 23, 2023 18:45 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As criticism poured in over Madonna's Grammy Awards appearance, the pop diva revealed the new look she has been sporting and joked that the swelling had diminished after the surgery. During her introduction of Kim Petras and Sam Smith at the Grammy Awards earlier in the month, the 'Material Girl hitmaker joked about the reaction she received.

In a tweet, the 64-year-old star showed off her newly-deflated figure after removing the swelling from surgery. In the wake of the Grammys ceremony a few weeks ago, Madonna slammed critics for critiquing her performance. 

Grammy Award-winning transgender performer

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In her Instagram post at the time, she wrote, "Introducing Kim Petras and Sam Smith was an honour for me. I intended to give the Album of the Year award, but I thought it was more important to honour the first transgender performer at the Grammys - a history-making moment. She won the Grammy Award as well.

It was disappointing to hear that many people chose not to comment on what I said in my speech instead of talking about the distorting close-ups of my face taken by a press photographer using a long lens. We live in a world that is permeated with ageism and misogyny.

Treatment by the media that is degrading

Even though she has received criticism, she said she is "happy to do the trailblazing" if it makes life easier for other women. It is a world that refuses to celebrate women who are older than 45. It also punishes women who remain strong-willed, hardworking, and adventurous past 45."

My creative decisions, nor how I look or the dress, have never been apologised for, and I won't either. Despite the media's degrading treatment, I am grateful to be trailblazing for future generations of women who will have an easier time than I did in the past."

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