12 Celebrities whose careers were destroyed with Plastic Surgery!

12 Celebrities whose careers were destroyed with Plastic Surgery!

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Plastic surgery seems an irresistible option to add more beauty by altering natural features. These transformations are so remarkable that more and more celebrities are falling in love with it to look more glamorous, more beautiful, and more of what they have. 

They struggle to look quite young despite their age to retain their career and fame to remain picture-perfect. Almost all celebrities have done some sought-after procedure, and these days it has turned out to be a norm in Hollywood. 

But not all plastic surgeries proved to be a success, as many had been a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong; a few celebrities' careers were destroyed as others totally went beyond recognizable and completely went out of context. 

And here are 12 celebrities whose careers were destroyed as their plastic surgery went wrong. 

Shauna Sand regrets plastic surgery

The very popular American actress and Playboy magazine Playmate Shauna Sand went under the knife multiple times, including breast augmentation and lip job. She had full faith that the plastic surgery would make her sexier, but shockingly, the plastic surgery did not go as planned. Instead of making her beautiful, it made her grotesque as her simple, elegant lip became so puffy and completely unappealing. Her lips look no more natural, and that doesn't suit her appearance so well.

And in 2015, she underwent breast augmentation that made her revisit the plastic surgery clinic several years later as scar-like tissues appeared around the nipples on her breast. It took her nine months to reduce to get an alternative and also reduced the size of her breast. After these two surgeries, she regretted it a lot as Shauna Sand looked completely different before and after the surgery. It is rumored that she even had a nose job, which raises the question of butt augmentation anyway she was totally destroyed by plastic surgery.

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Pete Burns's love for cosmetic procedures

Dead or Alive band founder, Pete Burns, was so mesmerized by the plastic surgery procedures. He went for extensive injections in his lips, had cheek implants, and did several nose jobs and innumerable tattoos. Being a rising fame figure, he started investing more in his looks.

In 2006, Pete Burns underwent to reconstruct his lips by injecting permanent fillers into his lips. This filler started to drift to other parts of the lips and infected his face, leaving his lips amputated. After removing the fillers from his body, stomach tissues were used to give life to his lifeless lips and a definite shape. Later he spent most of his savings on around 200 reconstructive plastic surgeries, which took him 18 long months to overcome from this lip filler gone wrong. 

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Joan Van Ark's melting face

Joan Van Ark came to the limelight after giving a super hit in the soap opera "Dallas and Knots" that aired between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. At the peak of her career, she excessively changed due to her plastic surgery. And her face now looks as if it is melting; the entire credit goes to her multiple facelifts and Botox that she underwent during her early procedure. Now she is a living testimony of how the plastic surgery went wrong in an awful way that destroyed her confidence and created more insecurities than that of previous. 

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Johanna Tukiainen's transition from beauty to the wild

The petite girl from Finland, Johanna Tukiainen, used to dance as an overnight model and later got into a sex scandal with a politician. Just to retain her beauty, she underwent a plastic surgery procedure that destroyed her face to meet the standard of the U.S. Not sure whether she regretted the sex scandal with the minister. Still, for sure, she must have awfully regretted her plastic surgery done on her face.

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Katie Price from beauty to beast

Just like all other celebrities, she underwent a series of plastic surgeries. Still, she stands aloof from other celebrities because she underwent full body liposuction, eye lifts, lip lifts, liposuction in her chin area, and fat injected into her bum. She looks like a beast now. In her early modeling life, Katie Price looked stunning with her natural beauty; as she aged, she lost count of the number of procedures she had, from getting a Botox to getting a nose job done. She now regrets doing the plastic surgery and wants her old looks now after losing it under the procedure table.

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Farrah Abraham, the less damaged adult star

Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom changed her looks and body completely from the first augmentation plastic surgery she underwent in front of the Teen Mom cameras in 2010. She often has the habit of sharing her post-operative photos on her social media and doing dozens of live streams during the procedure; she went on to appearin shows like "Botched and The Doctors."

She got a nose job done for $12,000, several fillers with each filler costing her $1200 and a botox per dose cost $750, veneers for $20,000, cheek fillers for $5,000, eyebrow lift for $9,000, fat removal surgery for $5,000 and fox eye surgery for $7,500. 

She also revealed that after getting her cheek filler, she freaked out and removed it after a year. And her last procedure was a thread facelift that she live streamed with her fans. However, this is a strange procedure that cost her $10,000. Though popular celebrities themselves would have had a second thought about doing these many plastic surgery procedures but taking up a career in porn made her do vaginal rejuvenation.

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Amanda Lepore, the costliest body on Earth

The American transgender model, Amanda Lepore, was born as a boy and transitioned into a girl by injecting growth hormones right from the age of 15 and made it a routine habit to self-inject 1.5 milligrams of Premarin pill each morning and every month near her waist at $550 per month. Her body transition into a feminine look influenced the looks of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. She hit the spot in her 1990's appearance on "The Joan Rivers Show."

Though she likes her looks, fans find her as a damaged and destroyed product of plastic surgery than the other usual celebrities. And on her 18th birthday, she underwent a major reassignment surgery funded by her father-in-law. Her plastic surgery procedure alone took more than $36,900 which was completely destroyed.

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La Toya Yvonne Jackson just like MJ

The American singer-songwriter and actress La Toya Yvonne Jackson's life was destroyed just by her plastic surgery. When analyzing the before and after pictures of her, it is evident that she had a severe downfall in her career too. Her nose had gone out of shape from best to worst of unnatural, from thick nose tip to shorter and tapered nose. Her new nose now doesn't fit her face frame, and she now looks like a defective piece. 

And guess what? La Toya Yvonne Jackson is none other than Michael Jackson's sister, so it is known that the entire family, as brother and sister's face got to look identical, has been destroyed completely by this plastic procedure.

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