Jenelle Evans, a former Teen Mom 2, and Mom Barbara are at odds:

Jenelle Evans, a former Teen Mom 2, and Mom Barbara are at odds:

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Where Barbara is now, and what started it

Where is Barbara Evans, the mother of Jenelle Evans, now?

Barbara retired, left Massachusetts, and resides in Oak Island, North Carolina. Jenelle and Barbara have been at odds forever, it seems. Why are Barbara Evans and Jenelle Evans fighting?

In a post on Instagram from July 2022, the former MTV star alleged that Barbara had neglected to "acknowledge" Jenelle's "accomplishments," adding that sucks."

In the caption of her video clip, Jenelle stated. "And I simply keep my mouth shut." "I've never been happier in my life," the speaker said. Barbara and Jenelle don't get along and are at odds.

Barbara is poison.

Because of multiple messages, Jenelle claims she got alleging Barbara was disparaging her daughter behind her back. Jenelle calls Barbara "poison." They both are at odds.

Friction between the mother-daughter duo.

When Barbara reconnected with the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast and referred to Jenelle as advice to the other mothers, this might cause friction between the mother-daughter duo, as they are already at odds.

Jenelle is an experienced whack.

"Avoid becoming enamored with a celebrity; it will ruin your life. The mother-daughter duo is odd. Farrah experienced what Farrah did. She's an absolute wreck," she declared.

Jenelle spent on the man.

"Even Jenelle spent a lot of money on everything for her lovers, including vehicles, boats, and other items. What the f-k are you doing?"

Ups and downs of Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans

The two had a history of conflict over custody of Jenelle's son Jace, who she has with her ex Andrew Lewis. Barbara had told an interviewer that she had "full custody" of Jace. Still, Jenelle later denied that on TikTok in January 2021.

Jenelle is playing Barbara

Jenelle and Barbara don't get along ad are odd. At the time, Jenelle, who has a son named Kaiser with her ex Nathan Griffith, stated, "Now she's trying to make me look like a moron." "Now she's going back on everything."

The father has no issues with Jenelle or Barbara.

While Barbara and Jenelle's husband, David Eason, who Jenelle shares daughter Ensley with, have had their disagreements in the past, the 16 & Pregnant alum said in April 2020 that the two "now have no issue with each other."

Jenelle has called her relationship toxic with Barbara.

Before publication, I attempted to contact Barbara for comment regarding Jenelle's allegations of a "toxic" relationship but did not receive a response.

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