A fan spots Kim Kardashian's alleged plastic surgery scars

A fan spots Kim Kardashian's alleged plastic surgery scars

Updated on July 23, 2022 19:01 PM by Emily Hazel

The Kardashian fans put their detective skills to work again and pulled out their magnifying glasses to study Kim Kardashian's skincare routine for the alleged plastic surgery scars that were allegedly visible on her face due to her skincare routine.

Since the premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007, it has been rumored that Kim and other members of her famous family have had plastic surgery.

On social media, it has become a habit for Kim's fans to compare photos of her 27-year-old self with her 41-year-old self daily. Although Kim Kardashian has admitted to Botox injections, Kylie Jenner has admitted to lip fillers, and Kourtney Kardashian has admitted to having a boob job, the Kar-Jenners typically do not reveal what procedures they have undergone.

Skin is Kim's skincare line, and the latest release hopes fans will believe that the seven-step routine is the key to her flawless and youthful appearance. Unfortunately, fans aren't buying it. Kim claimed in a recent interview that she doesn't do much else to her face except for Botox.

There was even a denial that she had ever had face fillers. It did not take long for fans to gather evidence that contradicted this claim, including photos that showed Kim's lips looking larger than usual, and photos that showed her cheeks looking fuller than most women in their 40s.

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Kim has done much more work than she will ever admit, according to some fans. Kim, the founder of SKIMS, shared a video of her skincare routine recently, and fans noticed several lines on her face that appear to be the result of various cosmetic surgeries.

A social media user named @igfamousbydana shared Kim's video and explained which marks she believes to be surgical scars. As the user zoomed in on different areas of The Kardashians star's face, such as her nose, he compared the screenshots with images of other people with scars caused by plastic surgery. The user wrote, "#KimKardashian's rhinoplasty scar (nose job scar) and face lift scars are visible in her latest skincare reel."

There were over 14,000 likes on the Instagram post from Kardashian fans curious about the scars. A fan commented, "So juicy! I've seen other pics where her lip lift scar is evident at just the right angle."

After Kim claimed she didn't have filler in her face, a beauty critic quickly replied, claiming Kim was lying and warning her fans. Kim and the beauty industry, according to the critic, want the public to buy into unrealistic beauty standards so they can sell them products that claim to make them look beautiful.

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Even though Kim's scars are fan speculation, the fact remains that she looks very different than she used to. Many fans have always attributed the Kar-Jenners' rapid and drastic appearance changes to plastic surgery.

There is also no denying that the famous family has had a significant impact on beauty standards, and if they are not forthcoming with their alleged plastic surgery, they are harming those who look up to them.

The Kardashians stars may be accustomed to portraying themselves as perfect, but they can always begin a new chapter by being straightforward with their fans about their experiences and shortcomings.

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