Kevin Spacey gets cast in an independent British film after being found not responsible for sexual assault

Kevin Spacey gets cast in an independent British film after being found not responsible for sexual assault

Published on November 30, 2022 00:32 AM by Anthony Christian

Actor's first movie role

Kevin Spacey will be in a British independent thriller coming out soon. This will be the actor's first movie role since a $40 million civil sexual misconduct lawsuit against him was thrown out last month. It also comes a week after it was reported that Spacey would be charged with seven more sex crimes in his U.K. lawsuit, all involving the same alleged victim.

Fox News Digital confirmed Monday that Spacey, who is 63 years old, will have a voice-only role in the Cupsogue Pictures movie "Control." Gene Fallaize wrote and directed the movie, and this week should be the last week of filming.

A press release says that "Control" is about British Home Secretary Stella Simmons, played by Lauren Metcalfe, as she drives home one night while having an affair with the Prime Minister, played by Mark Hampton.

According to the release, another man, played by Spacey, knows Stella's secret and "has been badly affected by it. He wants revenge on Stella for her part, so he plans to remotely hijack her fully self-driving car and take control of it, forcing her to go on a killing spree through the streets of London while using the car as a deadly weapon."

In October, the judge in the case brought against Spacey by actor Anthony Rapp ruled that he was not at fault. Spacey was accused of assault, battery, and causing emotional distress because of something that happened when Rapp was 14 years old in 1986.

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Rapp, on Twitter

(Image Credits: vox)

Rapp wrote on Twitter after the trial was over, "I am deeply grateful for the chance to have my case heard in front of a jury, and I thank the members of the jury for their service. As part of a larger movement to stand up against all kinds of sexual violence, this lawsuit was always meant to bring attention to the situation.

"I promise to keep working to make sure that we can all live and work in a world without any kind of sexual violence. "In the end, he said, "I really hope that survivors will continue to tell their stories and fight for justice." Five years ago, Rapp made the accusations against Spacey in an interview with Buzzfeed. In response, Spacey said he didn't remember the incident but apologized for what happened.

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After Rapp sued Spacey in 2020

When Broadway star Rapp sued Spacey in 2020, the "American Beauty" actor denied the claims. During the three-week trial, the actor who used to be on "House of Cards" and Rapp, who is 50, testified. Rapp said in court that Spacey invited him to a party at his apartment in the 1980s when they were both working on Broadway.

Rapp said that Spacey, 26 at the time, lured him into a bedroom after guests left and laid on top of him on a bed. Then Rapp said that he got out from under Spacey and ran away.

The star of the movie "L.A. Confidential" denied the claim and said he would never like a teenager. Spacey is still being tried in London for allegedly sexually assaulting more than one man in the United Kingdom. He said he wasn't guilty in July, and his trial will likely happen next year.

Spacey and seven more sex crimes

U.K. prosecutors said earlier this month that Spacey would be charged with seven more sex crimes related to the same alleged victim. All of the new charges will be brought to Britain. It means that Spacey now faces 12 charges in the U.K. The Crown Prosecution in Britain said that Spacey is being charged with three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault, and one count of forcing someone to have a sexual act without their consent. The charges are based on things that happened from 2001 to 2004. The writer and director of "Control" told Variety that the controversy surrounding Spacey was "something to think about, but I wouldn't say it was a concern."

Fallaize told the outlet, "He's one of the best actors of our time." "I don't know anything about his personal life, so I can't say anything about it. But it's a chance to work with one of the best actors ever." Fallaize wrote the script with Spacey in mind, according to Variety.

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