Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in 'Just Friends' 2? – Amy Wonders whether Chris and Jamie Got Together

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in 'Just Friends' 2? – Amy Wonders whether Chris and Jamie Got Together

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From A Christmas Story to Hocus Pocus

From A Christmas Story to Hocus Pocus, the sequel will be released in 2022. The 2005 Christmas film Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, was titled Just Friends. When main characters Chris Brander (Reynolds) and Jamie Palamino (Smart) eventually decided to give romance a try, the film ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Did they enjoy a happy ending? Smart recently said to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she wonders what happened to those wacky youngsters and how a sequel to Just Friends could arise.

Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds fans want a "Just Friends" sequel

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Fans laughed along with the late-blooming romance between two high school best friends during Chris's less-than-victorious return to his New Jersey hometown during the holiday season.

Regarding a Just Friends sequel, Smart stated, "Fans do inquire, but I haven't heard anything." "I would dearly love to create a sequel. And at this point, I believe it would be so much fun. I mean, we would be parents at this point. There could be so much potential for humor. So, perhaps it's just a matter of time before Roger Kumble decides to develop a sequel."

Does she believe the cast, including Ryan Reynolds, will return? "Probably," Smart responded. "I mean we just need to make it happen! I believe it would be a lot of fun!" This would also necessitate the return of Anna Faris. "And Chris Klein!" Smart remarked. "We require all four of us!"

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A "Just Friends" sequel with Chris Brander and Jamie Palamino?

The question is whether or not Jamie Palamino and Chris Brander would ever date. In high school, they were great friends, but their lives have taken drastically different ways. Chris dropped a substantial amount of weight, relocated to Hollywood, and adopted a superficial character. While Jamie remained in Jersey, he maintained his optimism and worked toward becoming a teacher.

Smart is uncertain as to where Chris and Jamie would be today. "Good question," Smart responded. "Well, I suppose that's up to the writers, right? You would want them to be together, but you need drama, so I have no idea what would transpire."

Another important question is whether or not Jamie and Chris would be a Hollywood or Jersey pair. She chuckled, "Did he take her out of New Jersey and transport her to Hollywood?"

Amy Smart stated she loves 'Just Friends'

Smart also recalled what she and Reynolds consider to be the area on the planet that has the coolest climate for shooting movies.

"Working on the movie was a lot of laughs for all of us. She expressed her opinion that "like, honestly, that was one of my favorite movies I've worked on." "That comedy was such a good time. We have a lot of hilarious outtakes to choose from. It was the coldest I've ever encountered in my life when we were shooting in Regina, Saskatchewan; in fact, it was the coldest I've ever experienced anywhere in the world. We arrived in January, and the temperature was something like 40 degrees below zero; we were unable to even go outside.

She proceeded by saying, "And by the time we were actually able to shoot the outdoor ice skating and outdoor Christmas illumination things, the temperature had dropped to something like zero." "I mean, it was subzero outside. But, despite of that, we just all had such a fantastic experience that it's really hard for me to pick out my favorite part because sure, there were diamonds virtually every day there." At the very conclusion of the movie, Jamie throws a punch right into Chris's face, which was a really stunning scene to watch on screen. Is it true that Smart punched Reynolds? She questioned herself, "I mean... did I?" "What I mean is if I did it... by accident." Reynolds, like many other people, was captivated by the movie. When he initially started making TikTok videos, he decided to recreate the viral lip sync for the song "I Swear." There were 10.5 million likes given to the video.

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