Jonnie Irwin's cancer is a trigger for the former 'A Place In The Sun' star

Jonnie Irwin's cancer is a trigger for the former 'A Place In The Sun' star

Published on January 02, 2023 16:18 PM by Michael Davis

Jonnie Irwin, the presenter's childhood friend, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer last year. He spoke movingly about his desire to make special memories with his family.

During today's Holiday Homes In The Sun show, Amanda discusses the battle of the 49-year-old "gorgeous" friend and her respect for her courage and strength. 

She shares, "I admire Jonnie's determination and ability to handle this with dignity." "I love that he is experiencing all these things and going to all these places, and I hope it continues." He is such a lovely person, and this is beyond heartbreaking. Life is so unfair.

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I sent Jonnie a message, telling him he is loved, but he must focus on his immediate family. People need to know they are loved and can count on them when they are experiencing something difficult, whether grief, divorce, or a monumental event. It is so horrible to suffer from cancer. It is unbearable and has outpoured so much love for him." She pauses before continuing.

A special place belongs to live exhibitions

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As Amanda hosted the hugely popular Channel 4 series A Place In the Sun from 2001 to 2009, she often worked with her at the A Place In The Sun Live exhibition.

Even though Jonnie joined the series in 2004, the live exhibition has a special place in Amanda's heart because the presenters host shows separately. 

The TV host understandably anticipates a positive start to 2023. Taking a poignant reference to Jonnie's health battle, she admits, "You have no idea how long you have left." "I would tell my 18-year-old self to take life by the horns and tackle it with gusto if I could. I turned 50 last summer and feel better and more confident. I hated my forties. 

When I read the book, 'Fabulous at 40', I thought, 'I don't enjoy this.' Why? I did not know where I was and felt a little lost. I felt less confident about myself and what I wanted when I was in my forties. If anyone reading this today also feels this way, my advice is to stay strong!

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A great figure is attributed to Amanda

Taking a moment to pause, Amanda adds, "It's impossible to imagine how much love you feel as a parent. You feel it, unlike anything you've ever felt before." It is her Pilates training that drew her away from running, which she hated, and ultimately gave her the confidence to say: "No, I don't like this." Amanda looks younger than she is 50 years old. I believe in a little and often nothing out of whack, so I'll be fine if I stick to it 80 percent of the time.

Christmas was a relaxed affair in the Lamb household, and as the new year approaches, she hopes her work ideas will come to fruition. She insists she never makes New Year's resolutions and never has a dry January.

Her bucket list is to see the Northern Lights and the Maldives. She adds: "I don't know where the next decade is going to take me, but I am looking forward to it." She reflects on how proud she feels of being a working mother of two at 50.

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