Bad Bunny Celebrates One-billion Spotify Streams With A Grand Brunch

Bad Bunny Celebrates One-billion Spotify Streams With A Grand Brunch

Updated on August 29, 2023 19:00 PM by Evelyn Mia

(Bad Bunny Celebrates One-billion Spotify Streams With A Grand Brunch Image Credits: YouTube)

Bad Bunny is rejoicing and celebrating! His song, titled 'Titi Me Pregunto,' has hit over a billion streams and become his 12th song to get success in the musician field. To celebrate, Spotify gave him a lavish brunch wherein he discussed the song's making and thanked listeners and his exotic achievements for their tremendous support and assistance. 

The Video was uploaded on a 'Today Top Hits' account and shared through the Bad Bunny over the Instagram profile. He wrote in his story, 'Thank you…. from the bottom of my heart'. This clip starts with Bad Bunny entering an extravagant restaurant, trailed by his friends, often featured in musical videos and his story tales.

The Two Frequent Collaborators were Mag and Tainy

The two of Bad Bunny's frequent collaborators, Mag and Tainy, were the guests and looked pleased to celebrate their friend's success. Through the Video, it has been found that Bad Bunny has around 12 tracks from the Billions Club, which appears to be more than any other musical artist in Spotify history. 

Bad Bunny said he feels so thankful that all the fans are a part of his success. In ten seconds, he was asked to describe the 'Titi Me Pregunto' he was fought with. He said, 'That is impossible. That is a Lifetime. What I can say in ten seconds is that it is a kind of song that was born very impulsively in the Dominican Republic.

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Bad Bunny Gained A Huge Success From 'Un Verano Sin Ti' Album

Bad Bunny has gained enormous success since the release of an album, 'Un Verano Sin Ti,' which has broken many records and has been nominated for the Grammys Award. This year, he will release some songs that are getting more immersed in the acting arena. A week earlier, the trailer of 'Cassandra' was aired, under which Bad Bunny was playing a song in the love interest of Gael Garcia Bernal. 

The world-popular urban champion, Bad Bunny, is rejoicing in adding other musical themes from the Billion Club platform to hear the music via Spotify. The single, 'Titi Me Pregunto,' handled Excel reproductions in January 2023. With this success, the artist named Benito A. Martinez Ocasio marks history by listing 12 songs in the Billions Club.

Bad Bunny was celebrating the success of Music on Spotify

Bad Bunny was celebrating the success of Music on Spotify

(Bad Bunny was celebrating the success of Music on Spotify Image Credits: The Source Magazine, Instagram)

Spotify posted on social media, 'Today we handle a Billion Brunch. Raise to glass of Bad Bunny for his 12th song, TitiMePregunto, that gained more than a billion views. Now, the Episode 3 will be out.' 

Bad Bunny said while surrounding himself with 10-12 friends, consisting of a music producer, Tainy, 'We're here rejoicing the triumph of my song on Spotify over 58 billion streams. The enthusiasm of getting a billion streams as of now was the same on this song when I got around 5K plays. It's great for me that some people like to continue and listen, enjoying what you like to do. 

Bad Bunny said that in recent months, he has been romantically associated with an American model, Kendall Jenner. Will he fall in love or not? Did not disclose. 

He loves his aunts, but he prefers not to mention any of them specifically to avoid causing jealousy and causing conflicts among them. Although he mentioned that he loves all of them, he chose not to name any individual aunt to prevent any bad feelings or competition among them.

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